30 Assorted Cooking Books Collection July 16, 2021

30 Assorted Cooking Books Collection July 16, 2021

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So if you’ve ever thought of becoming a cook, a recipe developer, or a food writer, these books might just help you out as much as they continue to help me to this day.

Whether you’re after plant-based culinary adventures, the secrets of the sourdough or splendid barbeque recipes, this is where you find all our delicious cookbooks. From Nigella Lawson to Yotam Ottolenghi, and from Jamie Oliver to Mary Berry, explore the bestselling cookery and baking books from the biggest celebrity chefs, along with exciting new food writing. You can also travel the globe with our world food cookbooks and quench your thirst with a brilliant selection of drinks books.

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The UK Pro Breeze Air Fryer Cookbook by Daniel French

‎ B09987PKHQ

Master your UK Pro Breeze Air Fryer Cookbook with recipes for frying, grilling, roasting, and baking Air fryers are all-in-one appliances that can do so much more than imitating deep-fried foods! Discover the possibilities with The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook, a recipe book and reference guide that makes the air fryer the centerpiece of any kitchen. Choose from a variety of easy recipes for perfectly cooked cuts of meat, tender fish, or freshly roasted veggies.

2021.pdfEnglish684 KB
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Toast, Hash, Roast, Mash by Dan Doherty

‎ 978-1784721374

Dan Doherty, the author of Duck & Waffle: Recipes and Stories is back with the recipes he cooks at home for family and friends – informal, easy and as indulgent as ever. With ideas based around eggs, hash, pancakes, toast, simple savory dishes and sweet bakes, this is food inspired by the best a breakfast or brunch menu can offer – but to eat all day. Recipes include Ricotta, Pear & Honey on Toast, Smoked Salmon, Horseradish & Sour Cream Hash, Mexican Eggs and a whole chapter devoted to food to defeat a hangover, including the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

2016.epubEnglish64 MB
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Vegetarian Indian Instant Pot Cookbook by Pavani Nandula

‎ B0984VZSSG

Make Indian meals at home with vegetarian recipes for your Instant Pot The Instant Pot makes it quicker and easier than ever before to cook up hearty dal, fluffy rice dishes, savory curries, and other meatless meals that capture the unique flavors of India. From restaurant favorites to regional home-cooking classics, this Instant Pot vegetarian cookbook is filled with recipes for a wide variety of meat-free Indian dishes that can be made entirely in your Instant Pot.

2021.epubEnglish915 KB
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UK Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Cookbook For Beginners by Ellie Willis

‎ B09984427N

Why do you think UK Ninja Foodi Air Fryer is so popular? What are the benefits of using an UK Ninja Foodi Air Fryer instead of a conventional oven for your cooking needs? What is the difference between an ordinary oven and an UK UK Ninja Foodi Air Fryer? Cook your favorite fried foods such as french fries, onion rings, chicken wings and more with an air fryer! Now you don’t have to stress over too much oil or grease.

2021.pdfEnglish660 KB
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The Science of Chocolate by Stephen T Beckett

‎ 1788012356

The Science of Chocolate leads the reader to an understanding of the complete chocolate making process and includes the ways in which basic science plays a vital role in its manufacture, testing and consumption. Originally based upon a talk to encourage school children to study science, the book is now widely used within industry and academia.

2018.pdfEnglish15 MB

Powerful Recipes for The God in Your by Robert Downton

‎ B0998LN8WD

Let’s face it, Chris Hemsworth is a delicious man, and we love him dearly. If you are looking for healthy and fulfilling recipes to satisfy your appetite, try these. If you want to look as good and Hemsworth, grab your copy now. So relax and journey with us and turn your kitchen into Thor’s dining room.

2021.pdfEnglish8 MB

The Art of Preserving by Emma Macdonald

‎ B08L5W14JJ

This sumptuous guide filled with beautiful photography and expert practical tips is guaranteed to be the only resource you will ever need to preserve fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Preserving food at home is vital to eating in a seasonal, sustainable, low-waste and, most importantly, utterly delicious way. Everyone can master the art of preserving with this essential book on canning, which provides a one-stop resource.

2021.epubEnglish25 MB

Taste of Home Fast Fix Favorites by Taste of Home

‎ 1621457087

The recipes in this all-new must-have collection use shortcut ingredients to create from-scratch flavor with less prep time, fewer items and foolproof results. You’ll even find make-ahead dishes that freeze and reheat beautifully, Instant Pot and air-fryer bites that beat the clock, and 5-ingredient staples that make serving hearty meals a snap. Get ready to “wow” without the work.

2021.epubEnglish98 MB
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Tasting Greece by Alexia Papadopoulou

‎ B01N7JVPR2

TASTING GREECE is an adventurous journey into the cradle of civilization and the land of the Gods of Olympus. The Greek cuisine is inexhaustible, and the food is simple and elegant, nutritious and healthy with rich flavors. With a few simple ingredients we can have healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious meals. For the Greeks the food is not just a meal ‘ for this reason family meals are very important. In this book you’ll find the best authentic and unique Greek recipes for all kinds of Greek dishes. Enjoy and Kali Orexi !!

2016.epubEnglish4 MB
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Shades of Grey Cookbook by Rene Reed

‎ B099F694R7

Food occupies a central place in 50 Shades of Grey and in our lives too. We can let go of anything but food. Here, we bring to you a collection of thirty-five recipes that will take you back to your favorite movie, 50 Shades of Grey. Some of the recipes detailed here were eaten by your favorite characters in the trilogy, and some are made up. After reading the cookbook, you are going to conclude that 50 Shades of Grey is more than just being an erotic and dramatic trilogy.

2021.epubEnglish18 MB
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SpongeBob Seafood Recipes by Lauren Perry

‎ B099F6D4VJ

Do you have kids who are very picky about what to eat, hence putting you through a lot of trouble on finding what meals to prepare for them day in day out? It is quite stressful and cumbersome, right? We thought so too. And this is why we have decided to create an amazing kid-friendly seafood cookbook for you.

2021.epubEnglish20 MB

Shawshank Redemption by Robert Downton

‎ B099DJZ93Y

When an upright banker is accused of murdering his wife and sentenced to prison, he knows he must hold his ground and latch onto hope to win. Andy Dufresne is an amazing actor that gives an insight into life in incarceration. This is a story about hope, life, and tribulations. Your success is in your hands, and you decide how to go about it.

2021.epubEnglish14 MB
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Sex And the City by Robert Downton

‎ B0995LMDQK

When you combine sex, food, fashion, heels, and women, what do you have? You guessed right, Sex and the City. We could not ask for anything more. The series was sexy, daring, and fun. But through all the glitz and glamour, we saw friendship, relationship, loyalty, and betrayals all in a day’s work. Regardless of why your love Sex and the City, it is time to calm down and eat your way through the best food scene – New York City

2021.pdfEnglish7 MB
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Serve to Win by Novak Djokovic

‎ B00CQZ65SI

In 2011, Novak Djokovic had what sportswriters called the greatest single season ever by a professional tennis player–winning ten titles, three Grand Slams, and forty-three consecutive matches. Remarkably, less than two years earlier, this champion could barely complete a tournament. So how did a player once plagued by asthma and aches and injuries on the court suddenly become the #1 ranked tennis player in the world?

2013.epubEnglish2 MB

Lunch Box by Pete Evans

‎ 978-1760554804

From award-winning Australian chef and restaurateur Pete Evans, author of Family Food and Healthy Every Day with new book Eat Your Greens out soon.No more soggy sandwiches, no more unhealthy and expensive trips to the school canteen! Pete Evans solves your lunch box dilemmas for school and work with more than 70 simple, healthy options.

2018.epubEnglish39 MB
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Plant-Based Air Fryer Cookbook by Janet Dockery, Maddie Dockery

‎ B0981HD3G2

Enjoy nourishing, plant-based meals made entirely with an air fryer Air fryers make it possible to cook nutritious and crave-worthy plant-based meals in a fraction of the time they would take in the oven. This cookbook is filled with vegan, whole-food recipes that come together quickly and easily with just an air fryer—no additional pots, pans, or appliances required! A unique mix of familiar favorites and creative new dishes, these recipes minimize salt, oil, refined flours, and refined sugars to keep each meal in line with a healthy, plant-based diet.

2021.epubEnglish2 MB
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Hope’s Table by Hope Helmuth


If tradition has a taste, this is it. Like your grandmother’s beloved recipe file, Hope’s Table brings enticing meals to your family’s table. From the kitchen of Mennonite cook Hope Helmuth comes this mix of more than 150 delectable recipes, stunning food photographs, and stories of strawberry picking, corn day, and Christmas cookie bakes.

2019.epubEnglish97 MB

Nuts and Vegetables Best for Home kitchen by Jason Acevedo

‎ B09958L5CF

In this cookbook, you will find the three different categories of recipes form drink , snack, to main disks. Which created by nuts, vegetables and some other ingrdients, will help your cooking journal to be easier, specially in the way to gain your wanted weight.

2021.epubEnglish9 MB

Neighborhood by Hetty McKinnon

‎ 978-1611804553

Hearty and healthy salad recipes inspired by neighborhoods across the globe. No matter where you live in the world, it is the daily rituals of food that bind and connect us. Neighborhood is a must-have collection of show-stopping yet simple vegetable-packed recipes, delivered against a backdrop of charming stories of food, family, and friendship.

2017.epubEnglish18 MB

In a French Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis


A delightful celebration of French life and the cooks who turn even the simplest meals into an occasion Even before Susan Herrmann Loomis wrote her now-classic memoir, On Rue Tatin, American readers have been compelled by books about the French’s ease with cooking. With In a French Kitchen, Loomis—an expat who long ago traded her American grocery store for a bustling French farmer’s market—demystifies in lively prose the seemingly effortless je ne sais quoi behind a simple French meal.

2015.epubEnglish898 KB

Going Paleo by Pete Evans, Nora Gedgaudas

‎ B07BQKW63M

Going Paleo is the only book you’ll need to transform the way you eat – and change the way you look and feel – for good.

2018.epubEnglish44 MB

Frugal Gluten-Free Cooking by Melissa Erdelac


Budget Your Money, Not Your Flavor with Gluten-Free Family Favorites Gone are the days when gluten-free cooking was costly, confusing and complicated! Thanks to Melissa Erdelac’s fuss-free—and delicious!—recipes, getting an affordable dinner on the table is easy as can be. Rather than relying on expensive store-bought gluten-free products, Melissa’s recipes are full of economic kitchen staples like beans, grains, veggies and low-cost cuts of meat.

2021.epubEnglish145 MB

Greek Cookbook by Maya Zein

‎ B09988RMK5

Are you looking for a Greek Cookbook with 75 traditional recipes? In this cookbook by Maya Zein you will discover the 75 most famous and easy to make recipes from Greek cuisine. Tiny white houses and blue waves. Olive oil and fresh salads. Feta. Greek food rhymes with Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most balanced ways of eating. Vegetables, fruits, diary products and meat, mixed with fish and seafood for a complete nutrition and fresh dishes for the summer season and comfort food for the windy and salty days.

2021.pdfEnglish606 KB

Best of Mexican Cooking by Adriana Martin

‎ B097Z1BCCR

Capture the flavors of Mexico with homestyle recipes Now you can re-create your favorite traditional Mexican dishes in your own kitchen with Best of Mexican Cooking. This Mexican cookbook is filled with 75 iconic recipes that represent the very best regional home cooking across the country.

2021.epubEnglish3 MB

Dana’s Bakery by Dana Pollack

‎ B0871CF8JZ

Treat Yourself! As a trained pastry chef, Dana never fails to take classic, crave-able desserts to a whole new level— including her Mookies (a macaron baked inside a cookie) that people line up to try. Now, you can make them—and 99 other incredible desserts from Dana’s collection—in the comfort of your own kitchen. Organized by flavor, including Cookie Dough, Death by Chocolate and Taste the Rainbow, there’s a dessert for every craving.

2021.epubEnglish113 MB

Cooking with Shereen from Scratch by Shereen Pavlides


Be a Rock Star in Your Kitchen with Home-cooked Meals from Scratch! Shereen Pavlides, of the mega-viral brand Cooking With Shereen, has garnered millions of fans across her platforms thanks to her affectionate personality and her confidence-building approach to cooking from scratch. Now, in her debut cookbook, she’s bringing all that knowledge right to your kitchen.

2021.epubEnglish143 MB

Cast Iron Cooking by Heston Brown

‎ 1696843618

Tortillas are great on their own or with filling or with toppings or in a burrito or roll, you name it! Tortillas are so versatile and you can add just about anything to them to make them into delicious snacks. No matter what time it is, tortillas can be the base for a delicious snack or appetizer that suits any occasion. In this book you’ll find an easy, homemade recipe for delicious flour tortillas along with recipes to spice it up! So, let’s get started.

2019.pdfEnglish2 MB

100 American Favorite Dishes by Efrat Petel

‎ B06XQSQR69

Enjoy terrific, nutritious recipes for real American food favorites Would you like to be spared the familiar ordeal of arduous mealtimes trying to get the kids to eat something healthy or once again serving quasi-nutritious, “kid-friendly” food? Efrat Petel combines her vast knowledge of American cuisine and her enthusiasm for “real food” alternatives in mouthwatering recipes accompanied by colorful photographs. Make every meal their favorite meal!

2017.epubEnglish5 MB

Beer and Veg by Mark Dredge

‎ B08NSF3QK8

Combining great craft beer with vegetarian and vegan food

2021.epubEnglish31 MB

Anne of Green Gables by Ronny Emerson


How many generations have loved L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables”? Quite a few – it was originally published in 1908 and is one of those rare books that is even more popular today than when it was launched. Set in the fictional community of Avonlea, the very real Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, the book is also unique in that it appeals to adults and children alike.

2021.epubEnglish15 MB
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