30 Assorted Educational Books Collection July 16, 2021

30 Assorted Educational Books Collection July 16, 2021

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From pre-school to key stage 2, and from GCSEs to A-levels, here you’ll find our comprehensive selection of study guides and education books for all ages. Browse our bestselling study guides from Bond, Collins, Schofield and Sim, plus many more, and pick up all the school supplies, stationery and fun educational games needed to keep young minds sharpened and motivated.

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Rejecting Retributivism by Gregg D. Caruso

‎ 1108484700

Within the criminal justice system, one of the most prominent justifications for legal punishment is retributivism. The retributive justification of legal punishment maintains that wrongdoers are morally responsible for their actions and deserve to be punished in proportion to their wrongdoing.

2021.pdfEnglish10 MB

Securitization Revisited by Michael J. Butler

‎ 0367150379

This book seeks to interrogate how contemporary policy issues become ‘securitized’ and, furthermore, what the implications of this process are. A generation after the introduction of the concept of securitization to the security studies field, this book engages with how securitization and desecuritization ‘works’ within and across a wide range of security domains including terrorism and counter-terrorism, climate change, sexual and gender-based violence, inter-state and intra-state conflict, identity, and memory in various geographic and social contexts.

2019.pdfEnglish8 MB

When Smoke Ran Like Water by Devra Davis

‎ B001S2QTAY

In When Smoke Ran Like Water, the world-renowned epidemiologist Devra Davis confronts the public triumphs and private failures of her lifelong battle against environmental pollution. She documents the shocking toll of a public-health disaster-300,000 deaths a year in the U.S. and Europe from the effects of pollution-and asks why we remain silent. For Davis, the issue is personal: Pollution is what killed many in her family and forced some of the others, survivors of the 1948 smog emergency in Donora, Pennsylvania, to live out their lives with impaired health.

2008.epubEnglish3 MB

V for Vendetta James R Keller and Alan Moore

‎ B00K5YR2LQ

The 2005 James McTeigue and Wachowski Brothers film V for Vendetta represents a postmodern pastiche, a collection of fragments pasted together from the original Moore and Lloyd graphic novel of the same name, along with numerous allusions to literature, history, cinema, music, art, politics, and medicine.

2014.epubEnglish994 KB

Using the Expressive Arts with Children by Juliette Ttofa

‎ B08HJ3C36B

This guidebook has been created to be used alongside the storybook, The Girl Who Lost the Light in Her Eyes. Using a relational approach, it explores the themes of the story and offers guidance to the adult as they use expressive arts to give the child or young person a creative outlet for their emotions.

2020.pdfEnglish1 MB

Ultimate Price by Howard Steven Friedman

‎ B084WQSDD8

How much is a human life worth? Individuals, families, companies, and governments routinely place a price on human life. The calculations that underlie these price tags are often buried in technical language, yet they influence our economy, laws, behaviors, policies, health, and safety. 

2020.pdfEnglish3 MB

The Swamp by Eric Bolling

‎ B01N4WJQT6

When Washington D.C. was first built, it was on top of a swamp that had to be drained. Donald Trump says it’s time to drain it again. In The Swamp, bestselling author and Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling presents an infuriating, amusing, revealing, and outrageous history of American politics, past and present, Republican and Democrat.

2017.epubEnglish871 KB

The Smart City in a Digital World by Vincent Mosco

‎ 978-1787691384

What makes a city smart? The Smart City in a Digital World takes on this question by describing, challenging, and offering democratic alternatives to the view that the answer begins and ends with technology. In the wake of the 2008 global financial meltdown, corporations converged on cities around the world to sell technology, harvest valuable data, and deepen the private governance of urban life.

2019.pdfEnglish3 MB

The Melancholia of Class by Cynthia Cruz


What does it mean to be working-class in a middle-class world? Cynthia Cruz shows us how class affects culture and our mental health and what we can do about it — calling not for assimilation, but for annihilation. To be working-class in a middle-class world is to be a ghost. Excluded, marginalised, and subjected to violence, the working class is also deemed by those in power to not exist.

2021.epubEnglish763 KB

The Law Multiple by Irene Van Oorschot


In the field of socio-legal studies or law and society scholarship, it is rare to find empirically rich and conceptually sophisticated understandings of actual legal practice. This book, in contrast, connects the conceptual and the empirical, the abstract and the concrete, and in doing so shows the law to be an irreducibly social, material and temporal practice.

2021.pdfEnglish3 MB

The Emperor and the World by Alicia Walker


Byzantine imperial imagery is commonly perceived as a static system. In contrast to this common portrayal, this book draws attention to its openness and responsiveness to other artistic traditions. Through a close examination of significant objects and monuments created over a 350-year period, from the ninth to the thirteenth century, Alicia Walker shows how the visual articulation of Byzantine imperial power not only maintained a visual vocabulary inherited from Greco-Roman antiquity and the Judeo-Christian tradition, but also innovated on these artistic precedents by incorporating styles and forms from contemporary foreign cultures, specifically the Sasanian, Chinese and Islamic worlds.

2012.pdfEnglish10 MB

Statutory Interpretation by Douglas Walton

‎ 978-1108429344

Statutory interpretation involves the reconstruction of the meaning of a legal statement when it cannot be considered as accepted or granted. This phenomenon needs to be considered not only from the legal and linguistic perspective, but also from the argumentative one – which focuses on the strategies for defending a controversial or doubtful viewpoint.

2021.pdfEnglish5 MB

Banking And The Business Cycle by C.A. Phillips

‎ B0076DGK3A

This rare study by C.A. Phillips, together with T.F. McManus and R.W. Nelson, appeared in 1937 as an Austrian-style analysis of the stock-market crash and the great depression that followed.eBook, 289 pages

2012.epubEnglish2 MB

Histories of Sexology by Alain Giami

‎ B099881KYW

​Histories of Sexology: Between Science and Politics takes an interdisciplinary and reflexive approach to the historiography of sexology. Drawing on an intellectual history perspective informed by recent developments in science and technology studies and political history of science, this book examines specific social, cultural, intellectual, scientific and political contexts that have given shape to theories of sexuality, but also to practices in medicine, psychology, education and sexology.

2021.epubEnglish3 MB

Propaganda and the Public Mind by Noam Chomsky


Renowned interviewer David Barsamian showcases his unique access to Chomsky’s thinking on a number of topics of contemporary and historical import. Chomsky offers insights into the institutions that shape the public mind in the service of power and profit. In an interview conducted after the important November 1999 Battle in Seattle,” Chomsky discusses prospects for building a movement to challenge corporate domination of the media, the environment, and even our private lives.

2015.epubEnglish459 KB

Open Source Licensing 101 by Gustavo Pinto


This book also has a practical orientation. After covering the concepts of open source licensing, we highlight real examples of good and bad licensing usage. As an open source user and software engineering researcher, I always have been amazed by open source licenses, in particular, because quickly things can go wrong.

N/A.epubEnglish373 KB

No Great Reset by Vesselin C. Noninski


Prof. Vesselin C. Noninski, a student of nature, and recently of society, turned activist for restoring truth in science and life, is presenting the book “No Great Reset”.

N/A.pdfEnglish7 MB

Interpreting in the Zone by Jack Hoza

‎ B06Y281R3N

Successful interpretation can feel seamless, an intuitive and efficient translation of meaning from one signed or spoken language to another. Yet the process of interpretation is actually quite complex and relies upon myriad components ranging from preparation to experience to honed judgment. Interpreting in the zone, instinctively and confidently, is an energizing, encompassing experience that results in great satisfaction and top performance—but what does it take to get there?

2016.epubEnglish12 MB

Interpreter Education in the Digital Age by Suzanne Ehrlich


This collection brings together innovative research and approaches for blended learning using digital technology in interpreter education for signed and spoken languages. Volume editors Suzanne Ehrlich and Jemina Napier call upon the expertise of 21 experts, including themselves, to report on the current technology used to provide digital enhancements to interpreter education in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

2015.epubEnglish10 MB

Infested by Brooke Borel


Bed bugs. Few words strike such fear in the minds of travelers. In cities around the world, lurking beneath the plush blankets of otherwise pristine-looking hotel beds are tiny bloodthirsty beasts just waiting for weary wanderers to surrender to a vulnerable slumber. Though bed bugs today have infested the globe, the common bed bug is not a new pest at all. Indeed, as Brooke Borel reveals in this unusual history, this most-reviled species may date back over 250,000 years, wreaking havoc on our collective psyche while even inspiring art, literature, and music—in addition to vexatious red welts.

2015.epubEnglish9 MB

I Have Nothing to Hide by Heidi Boghosian

‎ 0807061263

An accessible guide that breaks down the complex issues around mass surveillance and data privacy and explores the negative consequences it can have on individual citizens and their communities. No one is exempt from data mining: by owning a smartphone, or using social media or a credit card, we hand over private data to corporations and the government. We need to understand how surveillance and data collection operates in order to regain control over our digital freedoms—and our lives.

2021.epubEnglish1015 KB

How to Save 10,000 Hours by Christian Flagg

‎ B0913N14FR

A common mistake is to think of time as money. In reality, time is more akin to human motivation than anything else. Our lives begin to unravel when we spend our time trying to buy things that do not motivate us – a loss of 10,000 hours and missing out on what really matters.

2021.epubEnglish6 MB

How Dictatorships Work by Barbara Geddes

‎ 1107115825

This accessible volume shines a light on how autocracy really works by providing basic facts about how post-World War II dictatorships achieve, retain, and lose power. The authors present an evidence-based portrait of key features of the authoritarian landscape with newly collected data about 200 dictatorial regimes. They examine the central political processes that shape the policy choices of dictatorships and how they compel reaction from policy makers in the rest of the world.

2018.pdfEnglish8 MB

Before Identity by Richard F. Calichman

‎ B08FBGJ484

Aims to introduce a greater degree of theoretical rigor to the discipline of Japan studies as a whole Before Identity represents the first attempt to provide a comprehensive examination of the methodological ground of Japan studies. At its most basic level, the field presupposes the immediate empirical existence of an entity known as the “Japanese people” or “Japanese culture,” from which it then carves out its various objects of inquiry.

2021.pdfEnglish2 MB

Getting Your Brain and Body Back by Bradford C Berk

‎ 1615196951

A comprehensive guide to neurological recovery by a doctor and spinal cord–injury survivor On Memorial Day in 2009, Dr. Bradford Berk injured his spinal cord in a cycling accident and was left permanently paralyzed. But his recovery progressed far beyond doctors’ expectations, and it continues to this day.

2021.epubEnglish8 MB

Gender Advertisements by Erving Goffman

‎ B019TL91AK

Probes the ways in which advertising portrays male-female roles and relationships, probing discrepancies between natural social behavior and images perpetuated in advertisements and commercials.

1988.pdfEnglish53 MB

Distributed Artificial Intelligence by Vijayan Sugumaran

‎ 978-1605661445

Cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence are now driving applications that are only hinting at the level of value they will soon contribute to organizations, consumers, and societies across all domains. Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Agent Technology, and Collaborative Applications offers an enriched set of research articles in artificial intelligence (AI), covering significant AI subjects such as information retrieval, conceptual modeling, supply chain demand forecasting, and machine learning algorithms. This comprehensive collection provides libraries with a one-stop resource to equip the academic, industrial, and managerial communities with an in-depth look into the most pertinent AI advances that will lead to the most valuable applications.

2008.pdfEnglish10 MB

Climate Change, 2nd Edition by Joseph F.C. DiMento


Most of us are familiar with the term climate change but few of us understand the science behind it. We don’t fully comprehend how climate change will affect us, and for that reason we might not consider it as pressing a concern as, say, housing prices or unemployment. This book explains the scientific knowledge about global climate change clearly and concisely in engaging, nontechnical language, describes how it will affect all of us, and suggests how government, business, and citizens can take action against it.

2018.epubEnglish1022 KB

Check Your Own I.Q. by Hans Eysenck

‎ 978-0140135060

In this sequel to “Know Your Own IQ”, Eysenck responds to criticisms, providing five new tests of the standard type as a check. He also provides three specific tests which are designed to determine whether the reader shows more ability in verbal, numerical or visual-spatial terms.

1990.pdfEnglish4 MB

Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens by Richard D. Wolff


Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown, 2010–2014

2016.epubEnglish804 KB
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