30 Assorted Educational Books Collection September 04, 2021

30 Assorted Educational Books Collection September 04, 2021

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From pre-school to key stage 2, and from GCSEs to A-levels, here you’ll find our comprehensive selection of study guides and education books for all ages. Browse our bestselling study guides from Bond, Collins, Schofield and Sim, plus many more, and pick up all the school supplies, stationery and fun educational games needed to keep young minds sharpened and motivated.

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Countering Tax Crime in the European Union by Umut Turksen

‎ 1509937951

This book seeks durable solutions for tax crime and is a great resource for the development of knowledge, policy and law on tax crime. The book uniquely blends current practice with new approaches to countering tax crime.

2021.pdfEnglish5 MB

The Great Demographic Reversal by Charles Goodhart

‎ B08FGR6FN2

This original and panoramic book proposes that the underlying forces of demography and globalisation will shortly reverse three multi-decade global trends – it will raise inflation and interest rates, but lead to a pullback in inequality.  “Whatever the future holds”, the authors argue, “it will be nothing like the past”.   

2020.epubEnglish5 MB

The Elements of Journalism, 4th Edition by Bill Kovach

‎ 0804136785

A timely new edition of the classic journalism text, now featuring updated material on the importance of reporting in the age of media mistrust and fake news—and how journalists can use technology to navigate its challenges More than two decades ago, the Committee of Concerned Journalists gathered some of America’s most influential newspeople and asked them, “What is journalism for?” Through exhaustive research, surveys, interviews, and public forums, the committee identified the essential elements that define journalism and its role in our society.

2001.epubEnglish1014 KB

The Choice We Face by John N Hale

‎ 0807087483

A comprehensive history of school choice in the US, from its birth in the 1950s as the most effective weapon to oppose integration to its lasting impact in reshaping the public education system today. Most Americans today see school choice as their inalienable right.

2021.epubEnglish2 MB

The Collected Works of Euclid by Delphi Classics


The father of geometry, Euclid was a Greek mathematician active in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy I (323-283 BC). His treatise on geometry, ‘Elements’, is one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics, serving as the main textbook for teaching mathematics from the time of its first publication until the early twentieth century.

2019.epubEnglish16 MB

The Cabinet of Imaginary Laws by Peter Goodrich

‎ 0367566591

Returning to the map of the island of utopia, this book provides a contemporary, inventive, addition to the long history of legal fictions and juristic phantasms. Progressive legal and political thinking has for long lacked a positive, let alone a bold imaginary project, an account of what improved institutions and an ameliorated environment would look like.

2021.pdfEnglish38 MB

Teaching Music Theory by Jennifer Snodgrass

‎ 978-0190879952

In recent years, music theory educators around the country have developed new and innovative teaching approaches, reintroducing a sense of purpose into their classrooms. In this book, author and veteran music theory educator Jennifer Snodgrass visits several of these teachers, observing them in their music theory classrooms and providing lesson plans that build upon their approaches.

2020.pdfEnglish23 MB

Singapore’s Foreign Policy by Amitav Acharya

‎ B00NTP12IW

The conventional understanding of Singapore’s foreign policy can be summarized in three main propositions: first, it is dictated by the imperatives of being a small state; second, its primary purpose is to ensure Singapore’s survival, given its small size; and third, this logic of survival dictates a realpolitik approach to foreign policy and national security.

2007.epubEnglish802 KB

Reintroducing Robert K Merton by Charles Crothers

‎ 0367409674

This book reintroduces the work of Robert K. Merton as a bridge between classical sociology and modern sociology. Founded in the sociological classics but developing a modern approach to the advancement of theory and research methodology, Merton’s thought helped to construct modern sociology in its coverage of many of the social institutional areas of contemporary society.

2020.pdfEnglish13 MB

Psychoanalytic and Historical Perspectives by Michael Maccoby

‎ 036742648X

What is Donald Trump’s personality? Is he mentally ill? What in American culture and history enabled him to become president? How does his personality shape his policies and leadership? In this fascinating and highly relevant new book, these questions are answered by a selection of expert contributors, including psychoanalysts, historians, and a sociologist.

2020.pdfEnglish3 MB

Refugee High by Elly Fishman

‎ 1620975084

Lit Hub’s Most Anticipated of 2021 A year in the life of a Chicago high school that has one of the highest proportions of refugees of any school in the nation “A wondrous tapestry of stories, of young people looking for a home. With deep, immersive reporting, Elly Fishman pulls off a triumph of empathy.

2021.epubEnglish2 MB

Language and Revolutionary Magic by Juan Luis Rodriguez

‎ B08GM538VY

Exploring the ways in which the development of linguistic practices helped expand national politics in remote, rural areas of Venezuela, Language and Revolutionary Magic in the Orinoco Delta situates language as a mediating force in the creation of the ‘magical state’. Focusing on the Waraos speakers of the Orinoco Delta, this book explores center–periphery dynamics in Venezuela through an innovative linguistic anthropological lens.

2020.pdfEnglish15 MB

Modernism and Non-Translation by Jason Harding, John Nash

‎ B07Z87YSPT

This book explores the incorporation of untranslated fragments from various languages within modernist writing. It studies non-translation in modernist fiction, poetry, and other forms of writing, with a principally European focus and addresses the following questions: what are the aesthetic and cultural implications of non-translation for modernist literature?

2019.pdfEnglish2 MB

Minutes of Magic by Mihir Mankad

‎ B096Z5Q385

Minutes of Magic is a collection of outstanding 4-minute speeches, representing the personal philosophies of some of the brightest young minds and aspiring leaders of our time. The 80 speech transcripts (~600 words each) were curated from over 4,000 speeches delivered in Professor Mihir Mankad’s award-winning “Arts of Communication” courses, and serve as benchmarks for storytelling and speechwriting.

2021.epubEnglish5 MB

Medical Identities and Print Culture by Alison Moulds

‎ B09CCQY788

This book examines how the medical profession engaged with print and literary culture to shape its identities between the 1830s and 1910s in Britain and its empire.

2021.epubEnglish605 KB

How to Teach Computer Science by Alan J. Harrison

‎ B099PS3TFC

This book is for new or aspiring computer science teachers wishing to improve their subject knowledge and gain confidence in the classroom. And it’s for experienced computer science teachers who wish to hone their practice, in particular in the areas of explicit instruction, tackling misconceptions and exploring pedagogical content knowledge. You will read some of the backstory to our subject – the “hinterland” – those fascinating journeys into history that make the subject come alive and place it in historical context.

2021.epubEnglish7 MB

In Search of Memory by Eric R. Kandel

‎ B002PQ7B5O

“A stunning book.”—Oliver SacksMemory binds our mental life together. We are who we are in large part because of what we learn and remember. But how does the brain create memories?

2006.epubEnglish2 MB

Help Your Kids with Geography, Grades 5-10 by DK

‎ 0744042194

When homework feels like a big mountain to climb for your kids, help them reach the top of their geography class with this unique step-by-step visual guide.

2021.pdfEnglish51 MB

Global Fracture by Michael Hudson

‎ B017RN4MCO

“Hudson is one of the tiny handful of economic thinkers in today’s world who are forcing us to look at old questions in startling new ways”. Alvin Toffler, best-selling author of Future Shock and The Third Wave This new and updated edition of Michael Hudson’s classic political economy text explores how and why the US came to achieve world economic hegemony.

1977.epubEnglish1 MB

Environmental Blockades by Iain McIntyre

‎ 0367480549

Since the 1970s, environmental blockades disrupting the exploitation and destruction of forests, rivers, and other biodiverse places have been one of the most attention-grabbing and contentious forms of political action. This book explores when, where, and why environmental blockading and its associated tactics first arose.

2021.pdfEnglish25 MB

Cuba’s Digital Revolution by Ted A. Henken

‎ 978-1683402022

The triumph of the Cuban Revolution gave the Communist Party a monopoly over both politics and the mass media. However, with the subsequent global proliferation of new information and communication technologies, Cuban citizens have become active participants in the worldwide digital revolution.

2021.pdfEnglish8 MB

Developing Your Teaching 2nd Edition by Peter Kahn


Packed with advice, vignettes and case studies, as well as useful tips and checklists for improving teaching, the second edition of Developing Your Teaching is the ideal toolkit to support the development of teaching practice. 

2014.pdfEnglish2 MB

Damned Lies and Statistics by Joel Best

‎ 978-0520274709

Here, by popular demand, is the updated edition to Joel Best’s classic guide to understanding how numbers can confuse us. In his new afterword, Best uses examples from recent policy debates to reflect on the challenges to improving statistical literacy.

2012.epubEnglish192 KB

Creative Riddles Trick Questions For Kids Family by Riddleland

‎ 978-1951592059

Get ready for some unforgettable family fun with this massive riddle collection for children of all ages! “PLAYTIME is precious. PLAY builds BRAIN PATHWAYS for THINKING, CREATIVITY, FLEXIBILITY, EMPATHY and many other lifelong skills” – Heather Shumaker Creative Riddles and Trick Questions for Kids and Family! is a fun riddle book that contains 300 creative riddles and tricky brain teasers of easy to hard difficulty.

2019.epubEnglish6 MB

Best Person Rural by Noel Perrin


In 1963, Noel Perrin, a 35-year-old professor of English at Dartmouth College, bought an 85-acre farm in Thetford Center, Vermont. For the next forty years he spent half his time teaching, half writing, and half farming.

2007.epubEnglish6 MB

Cometary Encounters by Pierre Lescaudron

‎ B09BW5DX58

What flash froze the woolly mammoths in a matter of minutes? Was Earth inundated by water from Mars? What series of catastrophic events caused the advent of the Younger Dryas? Is there evidence to support the existence of an ongoing 3,600-year Earth-threatening cometary cycle? Was Venus a comet that made several destructive earthly flybys? These are just some of the questions explored in this book that takes the reader on a fascinating and hair-raising journey through time and space that marshals abundant evidence to show that the official view of the history of our planet, on which mainstream science obtusely insists, is deeply problematic.

2021.epubEnglish85 MB

Compassionate School Practices by Christine Y Mason

‎ 1071820494

Already Ready For What Will Come – SEL For A Culture Of Care Is your school prepared to care for all of the students, staff, and families in your community? Sadly, your school might be the only point of care for many. Be already ready–Establish a compassionate cultural foundation for strong relationships and holistic skills to weather stress, trauma, and promote well-being for your entire school population.

2021.pdfEnglish3 MB

Birds Encyclopedia by King Kristen

‎ 979-8452906049

This notebook is a wonderful multi-purpose journal for sketching, jotting down thoughts, and writing notes as a Handbook + The notebook is durable to withstand any adventure. Check out the specifications for more information. If you would like to see a sample of the notebook, click on the “Look Inside” feature. + Specifications: 120 pages with Layout: Dot Grid – 5 mm spaced dots + Dimensions:6″ x 9″ 

2021.epubEnglish30 MB

Authentic Writing by Jeffrey Rice

‎ 082294670X

In typical academic circles, texts must be critiqued, mined for the obfuscated meanings they hide, and shown to reveal larger, broader meanings than what are initially evident.

2021.pdfEnglish11 MB

Black Victim To Black Victor by Adam B. Coleman

‎ B08ZYNN7Y3

Black Americans are constantly lied to about the source of their community’s issues in an effort to profit off their pain and to make sure that they never leave the mindset of the victim.

2021.epubEnglish349 KB

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