30 Assorted Romance Books – January 04, 2022 FREE

30 Assorted Romance Books – January 04, 2022 FREE

Assorted Romance Books

Fiction generally is a narrative form, in any medium, consisting of people, events, or places that are imaginary—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact. In its most narrow usage, fiction refers to written narratives in prose and often specifically novels, though also novellas and short stories.

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A Grave Girls’ Getaway by Jeaniene Frost

‎ B09HL9KF6G

A thrilling novella in the Night Huntress series from USA Today bestselling author, Jeaniene Frost. Vampire Cat Crawfield Russell is looking forward to a little down time with her best friend, Denise. But when witches crash the party, a fun getaway turns into a paranormal showdown. Vampire Cat Crawfield is experiencing a new role as a mother. Turns out, trying to manage a perfect domestic life for her daughter is more…challenging than Cat ever imagined. Since things have finally quieted down in the undead world, her husband, Bones, suggests that Cat recharge by spending a girls-only getaway with her best friend, Denise.

2022.epubEnglish477 KB

All’s Grey That Ends Well by Dawn Barlow


On the eve of her 40th birthday, Helena Wilde is sitting in front of her boyfriend of seven years, waiting for a proposal. Then, her entire world is turned upside down. Now 40, single and alone on Cherry Moon Farms with the handsome owner of the farm, Ryan Brookes, Helena is faced with another crisis. She is offered a book deal — but only because her publisher thinks that Helena is engaged. She is supposed to write a book about love after 40. Ryan might be her only chance to get the book deal. But what happens when they actually start to fall in love?

2022.epubEnglish181 KB

Beautiful Russian Monster by Odette Stone


“Odette Stone writes wonderful, passionate stories with real men and strong women that pull you in from the prologue!” ~ An Odette Stone fan, 5 star review ~ When my grandfather, a shipping tycoon, went missing, I quickly discovered that there are some problems that money can’t solve. And this frightening situation was one of them. I didn’t think things could possibly get worse, but then I woke up. To a monster standing over me. With his hand covering my mouth.

2022.epubEnglish451 KB

Bridge of Love by Nana Malone


I’m the black hearted prince of Eton College, and she’s the unapologetic fireball who could eviscerate me… My best mate’s sister. My secret weakness. Don’t look. Don’t covet. And sure as hell don’t touch. I’ve never been a rule breaker… until Emma Varma. (Prequel novella to the Speak No Evil Trilogy)

2021.epubEnglish274 KB

Compared by Kortney Keisel

‎ B09JZSK4J2

Meg Confession: I’m attracted to my student’s dad. Let me give you Tyler Dixon’s resume: thoughtful, manly, father of the year, widower, ridiculously attractive (basically the opposite of a dad bod). This might sound like good news for someone like me—someone who dreams of getting married and becoming a mom—but it’s not. Getting involved with a parent is grounds for immediate removal at my school, and right now, my fragile heart can’t handle being fired. My mom just died. My boyfriend broke up with me, and to top it all off, my dad started dating again. Stable employment is the only good thing I have.

2022.epubEnglish885 KB

Damaged by Onley James

‎ B098CTSR9S

August Mulvaney has always been exceptional. As the genius son of an eccentric billionaire, his off-putting behavior is often blamed on his high IQ. They say there’s a thin line between genius and madness. August is both—a brilliant professor loved by his students and a ruthless, obsessive killer tasked with righting the wrongs of a failing justice system. And he’s just found his latest obsession: Lucas Blackwell. Lucas Blackwell was once the golden child of the FBI, using his secret talent as a clairvoyant to help put away society’s worst. Until, with a touch, he discovers his co-worker is a killer and his life falls apart. Now, the world thinks he’s crazy and that co-worker wants him dead. He seeks refuge at a small college, hoping to rebuild his life and his reputation. But then he runs into August Mulvaney. Literally. August is immediately intrigued with Lucas and his backstory. He doesn’t believe in psychics, but there’s no missing the terror in his eyes when they collide in the hallway. Now, August has a problem. Lucas knows his secret, and August knows he wants Lucas. And August always gets what he wants.

2021.epubEnglish598 KB

Dangerous With Me by Aubrey Rose

‎ B09G87BZTR

Hot, steamy sex or a meaningful relationship… Does it have to be a choice? Dating has lost its spark for Amber: nothing compares to the passionate encounters she had with her hot police officer. But that’s in the past now, and the friends with benefits arrangement they had has fizzled out… and now she needs his help. Someone is following Amber, and the pistol in her handbag isn’t making her feel any safer. If she contacts him, will she risk turning their steamy romance into another mundane relationship, or will it fan the flames of the desire she longs for? There’s only one way for Amber to find out… and her safety might just depend on it. The second part of The Dangerous Duet story, Dangerous With Me is a fiery romance sizzling with spice and passion. Give into your desire as Amber learns to square her longing with her ordinary life. This book contains explicit scenes and is intended for a mature audience. Feed the flames of passion: scroll up, and click “Add to Cart” right now.

2021.epubEnglish466 KB

Every Witch Way by Eleanor Rousseau

‎ B093YH6V4C

Rey didn’t know she was a witch, or that her whole family are also witches. Yeah, she might not be the most observant person in the world. Fortunately, the secret comes to light the summer after she graduates from high school, after what has been the hardest year of her life. For a girl looking for a fresh start, enrolling in an Academy for Witchcraft could be the perfect opportunity.

2022.epubEnglish866 KB

Fever by Reese Knightley


Tinley Marigold used to jump at any sound and feared the dark, but since Maverick arrived in the small town of Crumpet Washington almost a year ago, Tinley feels safe. He only wishes that Maverick would tell him the real reason he came to town.

N/A.epubEnglish258 KB

Get the Message by Brynn North


All’s fair in love, war, and baking contests. I’m desperate to save my party planning business. So desperate I agree to dress up as a dancing cucumber for my ex-boyfriend’s sons’ birthday party. Talk about lower than low. Then, I see an opportunity that may solve all our problems. $20,000 for winning a local version of The Great British Bake-Off? I’m in. So what if I’ve never actually baked anything? To save our business, I’m willing to read every baking book under the sun.

2022.epubEnglish400 KB

Glory and the Rawhide Preacher by Linda Ford


From an award-winning author with more than one million books sold. Enjoy this heartwarming historical romance. Note: this book can be read as a stand-alone. Levi’s deal with God doesn’t include falling in love. Levi has devoted his life to preaching God’s Word. In exchange, he expects God to bring his outlaw brother back into the fold. It sounded easy enough when he made the vow but living it out is proving more difficult than he imagined… especially when he encounters the britches-wearing, horse-riding Glory—the most unusual woman he’s ever met. Middle sister Glory believes there isn’t a man alive who can be trusted. And that includes the man who claims to be a preacher but looks more like an outlaw. He confuses her, and it isn’t long before her heart is involved. Is Glory just a test for Levi’s faith? Or is he the one man she can trust? Sisters stick together. Read all three books in the Bonner’s Ferry series: Glory Mandy Joanna

2022.epubEnglish513 KB

His Boy to Ride by Jamie Luther

‎ B09L5GS3GK

Orson Bel Dear Santa… I don’t need much, living out of a suitcase for the last fifteen years has taught me I don’t need material items to be happy. But I do need a nice boy to cherish and spoil, to call my own forever. Daddying_From_the_Bottom I’ve had a long year filled with lonely nights to think about what I want and I thought I knew exactly what that was. Stranded on a ranch in Canada, Gentry Martel takes over my mind and my heart. Who knew I’d find my very own precious boy in bumf*ck nowhere Alberta? But if I was to make it work with Gentry, one of us would have to change our entire life for the other. Is love worth all that? Will I be ready for it, if it is? **His Boy To Ride is an ABDL romance with a Botttom Daddy and his oh-so innocent virgin little boy. His Boy to Ride is part of the Naughty or Nice Season Two multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many Daddies looking for some holiday magic to bring them their perfect boys, why not grab them all?

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Jagged Salvation by Cadyn James

‎ 1955172404

My stalker took everything from me. Claimed me. And I never once saw his face. After four years of looking over my shoulder and praying he would be found, I decided to reclaim my life. I moved back home to Manhattan, I got the job I’d been dreaming of, and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from living my life. But when a little bout of claustrophobia lands me in the lap of Isak Hardin—the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on—my happy new life is threatened. Not only my happiness, but my life and the lives of those I love. My stalker has found me again, and he’s not happy with me. With more than just my life on the line, do I have what it takes to play cat and mouse with the man who tore my life apart? Or do I go back into hiding to save those most important to me? First in the Salvation Trilogy by Cadyn James, Jagged Salvation is a dark contemporary romance.

2022.epubEnglish436 KB

Just For Tonight by Davidson King

‎ B0829M59K8


N/A.epubEnglish676 KB

My Billionaire Stepbrother by Lexi Maxxwell


All the money in the world can’t buy the girl he left behind. Stepbrother. Billionaire. Tormentor. Lover. A steamy romance about power, lust, and temptation. Parker Altman has it all. He’s king of a recording empire — a billionaire who lives large and parties hard. He owns a penthouse in one of LA’s most prestigious buildings, a limousine, a luxury helicopter, a private plane, and all the power money can buy. But Parker has spent his life hiding from a past on the poor side of town, where he grew up tough under the thumb of a drunk and abusive father. He’s also tried to forget the woman his father married, who hated him and declared him bound for Hell. But most of all Parker’s been running from his own taboo feelings for that woman’s daughter: his goodie-two-shoes stepsister Angela — a girl he hated, then came to secretly desire.

2014.epubEnglish248 KB

Never Pursue a Prince by Regina Scott

‎ B09LK5ZY71

Sometimes, Prince Charming isn’t what you expect. Lady Larissa, oldest daughter of the Duke of Wey, has one goal: find suitable husbands for her two younger sisters and best friend so they may live happily ever after. Despite their attempts at matchmaking for her, she’s all but given up on finding her own groom, a gentleman good enough to meet her late mother’s and grandmother’s expectations. She has a hard enough time meeting those expectations for poise, propriety, and perfection.

2022.epubEnglish445 KB

Retribution by Breanna Riley

‎ B09N19BV5K

He sought justice… never knowing he could find love in the process. Nicolai Levin lost his brother to cold-blooded murder, and finding his killer has been his number one priority for a decade. Building his whole company–and life–around his need for justice, he is taken aback by the woman he meets in pursuit of revenge. Courageous and beautiful, but full of anger and fear, Jordan Burns has been spending half of her year atop Heron Mountain in Central Oregon for three summers straight. Alone on her mountaintop, she looks for smoke all day and tries to forget the past. Jordan made a conscious effort not to trust men ever again… not after the horrific events that have plagued her life for ten years. Not until Nic. She was broken… but he worked his way through a decade of hurt. Following leads on intel that NCA Security has gathered, Nic comes into Tilly to infiltrate the townspeople and question locals about the man responsible for his brother’s death. He never could have guessed that the spitfire bombshell that is Jordan Burns could be linked to the murderer, too. As he gets to know her, their whirlwind romance has him reconsidering everything in his life. As the weeks of deception go by, he has to ask himself… is the pursuit of retribution worth losing Jordan? Does he truly need revenge, or just peace? WARNING THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR AUDIENCES 18 YEARS AND OLDER. THERE MAY BE CONTENT THAT SOME READERS MAY FIND TRIGGERING, INCLUDING ALLUSIONS AND AFTER EFFECTS OF SEXUAL ASSUALT, AND ONE MENTION OF MISCARRIAGE. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

2022.epubEnglish397 KB

Rumor Has It by Cheris Hodges

‎ B00ONTS510

Liza Palmer couldn’t be happier when her best friend and sorority sister, Chante Britt, and her closest guy friend, Robert Montgomery, hit it off. And she’s beyond thrilled when they announce their engagement. Robert is an up-and-comer running for the North Carolina senate. Chante is a partner at a prestigious law firm. They’re a power couple made in heaven–until Liza discovers Robert in a compromising position–with another woman. . . Liza can’t possibly continue to support Robert’s campaign, much less let him marry Chante. But when she tries to reveal the truth, Robert pulls out every corrupt trick in the book–including turning Chante against her. Her only choice is to seek out his opponent, Jackson Franklin, and help him take Robert down. But to Liza’s great surprise, Jackson won’t play dirty–and Liza finds him irresistible. As sparks fly, personally and politically, Liza and Jackson may become a winning team in more ways than one. . .

2015.epubEnglish2 MB

Shadow Game by Shawna Coleing

‎ 0648802256

She must put her faith in a God she doesn’t trust in order to save a man she can never have. Morgan Dane spent three years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit before being acquitted, but that doesn’t mean she’s innocent. While trying to rebuild her life, she takes a gamble and hacks into a computer network, stumbling across an assassination plot in the process. But despite the possible risks, she refuses to sit back and let a man die, even if he represents everything she’s never had. But Oliver Wright is not the man she thinks he is, and her good deed traps her in a conspiracy that forces her to question everything she’s known to be true and reveals to both of them that they have more in common than they first realized. Now, with time running out, both Morgan and Oliver must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice in order to save each other. Each book in this series is a standalone and does not need to be read in order.

2022.epubEnglish350 KB

Shadow’s Origin by Alice Winters



N/A.epubEnglish322 KB

The Crush by Briar Prescott

‎ B08LNN5HC4

Gray There are some things I excel at: – Exercising rigid control over every aspect of my life – Making sensible decisions at every turn – Being organized, predictable and responsible to an abnormal degree In short, I’m boring as hell and in desperate need of a change. Luckily I have my best friend by my side and a newly written to-do list to guide my way through the murky waters of finding happiness. It’s all very promising at first, but as weeks pass, I start to realize that the best part of my day has always been Kai. And when I see him out on a date with some guy? Let’s just say I’m definitely not happy about it. Kai I’m back in Boston after ten years of traveling, and I’ve fulfilled all my goals: – See the world – Figure out what to do with my life – Get over my impossible crush on Gray Check, check and check. Life’s good until I accidentally find Gray’s happy list, which contains some very interesting things that friends never ever do with each other. And as weeks pass, it becomes clear those not-so-innocent parts are the ones Gray is determined to explore with me. In short, I’m screwed because no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist him, and pretty soon I’m forced to admit that I’m not as done with my crush as I thought I was…

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

The Detective and the Sheriff by Jackie North



2021.epubEnglish389 KB

The Duke Who Loved Me by Jennifer Monroe

‎ B09PBY8G6N

A river divides their properties…bloodlines separate their hearts. Anna Silverstone dreams of escaping her life of burlap dress and calloused fingers-brought about by hard labor at a workhouse. Though her father is rumored to be an earl, her lineage has never been proven. With her brother wishing to sell her hand to any willing merchant, the prospect of love is beyond her reach. That is until fate intervenes and she meets Colin. Not only is he sinfully handsome, but he is also a duke, and she wants nothing more than to be with him. If she can only prove her bloodline, they will have a chance to be together… Colin, 9th Duke of Greystoke, heads England’s wealthiest and most powerful family-the Remingtons. With all life’s luxuries at his fingertips, Colin should want for nothing, but his heart yearns for the impossible – a woman who loves him for who he is, not what he owns. When Miss Anna Silverstone crosses his path, Colin begins to wonder if she might be the woman he has dreamed of. Beautiful, bold, and unafraid to speak her mind, she sees him as a man, not a title… But can he look past her humble origins? As Anna seeks to confirm her lineage, Colin wonders if he can balance the responsibilities of the dukedom with the man he truly is. But for this rag-to-riches romance to have a chance, each will have to fight for the happily ever after they both deserve.

2022.epubEnglish453 KB

The Girl in the Mist by Kristen Ashley


Renowned author Delphine Larue needs a haven. A crazed fan has gone over the deep end, and she’s not safe. Her security team has suggested a house by a lake. Secluded. Private. Far away. In a beautiful area of the Northwest close to the sleepy town of Misted Pines. It’s perfect. So perfect, Delphine has just moved in, and she’s thinking she’ll stay there forever. Until she sees the girl in the mist. After that, everything changes. Delphine quickly learns that Misted Pines isn’t so sleepy. A little girl has gone missing, and the town is in the grips of terror and tragedy. The local sheriff isn’t up for the job. The citizens are up in arms. And as the case unfolds, the seedy underbelly of a quiet community is exposed, layer by layer. But most importantly, girls are dying. There seems to be only one man they trust to find out what’s happening. The mysterious Cade Bohannan.

2021.epubEnglish774 KB

The Playboy Project by Genni Bee

‎ B09M91RY81

Faking it never felt so real. Or so good. When Ashlyn Grove moved home to help her aunt save their family communications company, she hasn’t expected to be immediately assigned to turn Liam Macklen, a wealthy playboy into the polished CEO his family wants him to be. Nor did she expect to find herself helplessly drawn to his darkly handsome looks and devilish smile. Liam has always had a hard time doing what he was told. Heck, he wasn’t sure he wanted to be CEO. But if it meant getting to spend 3 extra weeks with the gorgeous Ashlyn Grove, his new publicist and fake girlfriend, the job was looking better than ever. When Ashlyn hatches a plan to save Liam’s reputation, their fake relationship suddenly feels more real than ever. The more time Liam spends with Ashlyn, the more he realizes that what they have might be worth risking it all for. Can he convince Ashlyn that they belong together? The Playboy Project is a full-length steamy romance novel with a guaranteed happily ever after.

2022.epubEnglish300 KB

The Thing About Healing by Jenni Lynn


If you’re brave enough to let love in, it can heal even the deepest wounds. On the heels of a failed marriage proposal and losing his medical practice, Dr. Jake Rodgers decides it’s time to head home to Hickory Grove. Surrounded by family and friends, he can make a fresh start… and avoid putting his heart on the line again. Then, he meets Cypress. Cypress Townsend doesn’t have time for the pain that comes with relationships. Not while she juggles her demanding career and motherhood. Caring for her daughter is enough for her… until Jake’s charming nature makes her long for more. As their friendship blossoms into love, both Cypress and Jake find themselves haunted by past betrayals. Can they trust the bond between them? Or will fear destroy their chance at a future together?

2022.epubEnglish301 KB

Top Notch Boyfriend by Lauren Blakely

‎ B01DBTFO98


2021.epubEnglish293 KB

Twice Bitten by Eliot Grayson



2021.epubEnglish545 KB

Two Truths and a Lyle by DJ Jamison



2010.epubEnglish254 KB

Wicked Savage Wolves by Daniela Romero

‎ B09NFSV94N

Three full-length books in one from USA Today Bestselling Author Daniela Romero The wolves of Hellbound High are more beast than man. They’re savage, sinful, and everything a girl with a good head on her shoulders is told to avoid. But, to Isabella, Jo, and Meiying, they’re so much more than they seem. They’re the boys with the power to break their hearts but put them back together again. If they decide to. They’re the ones who make them suffer, make them bleed, but can also make their hearts soar to new heights. The heir, the bad boy, the brother’s best friend. They’re three grave decisions Isabella, Jo, and Meiying are on the verge of making. And faced with the consequences of their decision, they’ll realize that a chance at love means risking it all. Their health, their happiness, and most important, their hearts. And in the end, will it be worth it? This is a dark, paranormal bully romance. Proceed with caution. You won’t find a magical school filled with your future besties. At Hellbound High, life is dangerous, cutthroat, and only the strong survive. Wicked Savage Wolves includes 3 stories, each featuring a different M/F couple.

2021.epubEnglish1 MB
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