30 Assorted Sci-fi & Fantasy Books Collection July 16, 2021

30 Assorted Sci-fi & Fantasy Books Collection July 16, 2021

Fantasy Fiction eBooks

Fiction generally is a narrative form, in any medium, consisting of people, events, or places that are imaginary—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact. In its most narrow usage, fiction refers to written narratives in prose and often specifically novels, though also novellas and short stories.

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Becoming Crone by Lydia M. Hawke

‎ B08YXP1XB1

She wanted purpose. She got dark magic and war. Claire Emerson is adrift. After a lifetime as a wife, mother, and grandma, she never saw divorce or loneliness coming and is desperate for some sense of purpose. But when her sixtieth birthday brings a snarky gargoyle, an annoyingly sexy wolf shifter, and an unknown magical calling, she thinks she’s losing the only thing she has left: her sanity. Refusing to believe she’s the powerful defender of humankind her so-called protectors claim, Claire attempts a return to her safe life…

2021.epubEnglish636 KB

Whispers of the Walker by E.E. Holmes

‎ B01N5CND0B

Something whispers in the shadows… From E.E. Holmes, author of the award-winning Gateway Trilogy, comes the first in the highly anticipated companion series The Gateway Trackers. It’s been several years since Jess and Hannah Ballard foiled a cataclysmic prophecy that could have destroyed their fellow Durupinen, an ancient clan of women who allow spirits to cross between the worlds of the living and the dead.

2016.epubEnglish538 KB

A Viral Imperium by Darren Joy

‎ B099644WYP

The plagues had ended, and the purges had wiped out those grave-maggot scum … or so they thought. Threadfin Todder is undead, an exiled thief with little magic worth spit. When he learns of a threat to his sister, he sets out to save her. Brother exiled, father murdered, and hunted by a pock-faced usurper on the throne, Aiyana Todralan fights to save her people. Pursued by a shapeshifter who wants his half-soul, Threadfin must reach Aiyana before a horde of invading giants.

2021.epubEnglish750 KB

Thunder o Dragon by Marc Secchia

‎ B08YDB81RT

Thunder o Dragon. My rage shakes the portals of fate! From flying to war to becoming a living playground for thirty children, a Dragon called Dragon is growing in all sorts of unexpected ways these days. Never mind. With his signature wit and inimitable style, and the expedient of occasionally throwing his beautiful black Princess, Dragon Rider and best friend straight at his troubles, this Dragon is prepared to seize his war-torn world by the scruff of the neck and shake it into shape.

2021.epubEnglish569 KB

The Yanthus Prime Job by Robert Kroese


Pepper Melange, a bartender on the backwater planet Yanthus Prime, has sworn she’d never go back to her life of crime. But when she finds herself in debt to the Ursa Minor Mafia, she decides to bet everything on one more score: the theft of the Emerald of Sobalt Prime, the most valuable gem in the galaxy.

2013.epubEnglish182 KB

The Space Merchants by Wendie Nordgren

‎ B083M8K96Q

The rulers of the Parvac Empire, Laconian Sector, and Galaxic Expanse have decided to cooperate in a clandestine endeavor to expose the villain behind a nefarious plot designed to instigate a war which would threaten their fragile peace. Appointed by Emperor Probus as his proxy in matters of interstellar security, Princess Teagan Probus is investigating the disappearance of Katherine Dylan, one of only two known survivors of the Asylum, a merchant ship involved in the testing of a devastatingly powerful alien weapon and the key to a terrifying plot.

2020.epubEnglish431 KB

The Sleeping Sickness by European P Douglas

‎ B09969XWKB

If you die in a dream, you die in real iife — that used to be a myth! Howell Warren hasn’t seen another human face for over five years. If he did, that person could die at any time. This is the world of the Sleeping Sickness. As the world recovers from a devastating Solar Flare, society is just getting back on track when a strange phenomena begins. Voilent dreams are coming true all over the world.

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

The Justice in Revenge by Ryan Van Loan


Featuring boardroom intrigue, masquerade balls, gondola chases, street gangs, and shapeshifting mages, The Justice in Revenge sees Buc and Eld turning from pirates to politics and facing the deadliest mystery of their career. The island nation of Servenza is a land of flint and steel, sail and gearwork, of gods both Dead and sleeping. It is a society where the wealthy few rule the impoverished many.

2021.epubEnglish9 MB

The Freedom Race by Lucinda Roy

‎ B08GJQX4R9

The Freedom Race, Lucinda Roy’s explosive first foray into speculative fiction, is poignant blend of subjugation, resistance, and hope. In the aftermath of a cataclysmic civil war known as the Sequel, ideological divisions among the states have hardened. In the Homestead Territories, an alliance of plantation-inspired holdings, Black labor is imported from the Cradle, and Biracial “Muleseeds” are bred.

2021.epubEnglish7 MB

The Altreian Enigma by Richard Phillips


When Mark and Heather Smythe saved Earth from the conquest-hungry Kasari Collective, they thought their work was done. But the world’s vast new government continued its quest to make extraterrestrial contact. And now, as a new gateway is activated to welcome the Kasari, whom world leaders take to be benefactors, only the Smythes stand a chance of countering their planet’s invasion and subjugation by a race of ruthless conquerors. Years after their failed first mission, the Kasari have returned, bearing irresistible promises while concealing insidious plans to enslave humanity.

2016.epubEnglish639 KB

Sword Stone Table by Swapna Krishna

‎ 0593081897

From the vast lore surrounding King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table, comes an anthology of gender-bent, race-bent, LGBTQIA+ inclusive retellings. 

2021.epubEnglish3 MB

Star Wolf by Michael Wallace

‎ B08J1WQ5BR

Flying at the helm of a powerful battle cruiser, former pirate Catarina Vargus leads a collection of colonists, miners, engineers, and navy personnel to establish an outpost far beyond the frontier. The Royal Navy needs a forward operating base in their war against the alien race known as Apex, who has vowed to exterminate all sentient life in the quarter.

2020.epubEnglish300 KB

Sinful Silence by David Clark

‎ B0965SNP2X

He is the FBI’s only paranormalist. She is a television medium. Together they are more than the supernatural world bargained for. Jordan Blake is the FBI’s only paranormalist, a position that costs him more than a little credibility with the other agents. Throw in his girlfriend Megan Tolliver, the darling, and impulsive, host of the top cable paranormal show, “America’s Medium”, and he doesn’t stand a chance of ever being taken seriously.

2021.epubEnglish453 KB

Rune Universe by Hugo Huesca

‎ B071R9HYMV

Begin Deep Dive Immersion? Welcome to Rune Universe. Warning, unauthorized access detected… A Virtual Universe for the taking. A world in the eye of the storm. The year is 2042. Cole Dorsett activated the Signal and went into hiding. A mad Prophet roams the streets while the Corporations scramble to seize power. When strange drones begin searching for Cole, he must reunite with his friends and fight for survival. And in the background, the second Cold War stirs.

2017.epubEnglish559 KB

Rampike by European P. Douglas


Tree Monster like to kill everyone in a small town.  Who’s going to stop him?

2018.epubEnglish377 KB

Quenched in Blood by Sean Crow

‎ B0996CJ5J1

Twilight City hosts over a hundred million souls, most held beneath the heel of the global empire, Tenocore. After suffering a bitter defeat in Europe, Angus Jarlson, the Glade Burner, has brought the Old Gods and what remains of his once mighty empire of Valhalla Steel, across the ocean to stake a claim in the megacity and begin to rebuild.

2021.epubEnglish534 KB

Planet Killer by Isaac Hooke

‎ B01N4B5H8W

If you could destroy a densely populated colony world to prevent an alien race from ever attacking humanity again, would you? The Raakarr have been repelled. For now. But all-out war seems inevitable. In a surprise move, the Zarafe faction of the Raakarr gives the United Systems a map to key colony worlds owned by the aliens. One of those colonies is responsible for the production of eighty percent of the fuel used by the alien starships.

2016.epubEnglish334 KB

One More Run by Matthew S. Cox


In August of 2021, they tried to disprove the adage that violence doesn’t solve anything—by killing everyone. No people, no problems. Fifty years later, humanity has emerged from the ashes. As if nuclear war didn’t do enough, a cruel virus followed on its heels, reducing many survivors to mindless killers.

2018.epubEnglish3 MB

No Good Deed by Anne Cleasby

‎ B0997X5ZXG

The year 2623. A serial killer. An exploited teenager. A drug dealer. Four hundred years after Earth established its first planetary colony, resources on the home planet are limited. Earth’s residents are divided into citizens, who have legal rights and a license to live, and the rest. The unlicensed have always been vulnerable, but now, a serial killer is targeting them. Scarlet is unlicensed. He and his partners exist outside the London walls, making a living by manufacturing and selling illegal lifestyle drugs. None of them expect to make old bones.

2021.epubEnglish826 KB

Moonlight Crusade by Scott Kinkade

‎ B096R2JX1R

College student Kyle Falconer’s trip to New York City gets a bloody extension when his Christian group is brutally murdered by vampires. Now undead himself, Kyle is taken in by a sympathetic woman with the ability to see the future, and she begins training him to defend himself against the madman who slaughtered his friends.

2021.epubEnglish309 KB

Midnight, Water City by Chris Mckinney

‎ B08L5VJGS3

Hawai‘i author Chris McKinney’s first entry in a brilliant new sci-fi noir trilogy explores the sordid past of a murdered scientist, deified in death, through the eyes of a man who once committed unspeakable crimes for her. 2150: An unnamed police detective receives a message from Akira Kimura, the preeminent scientist and living legend who vanquished a world-ending meteor thirty years ago.

2021.epubEnglish765 KB

Merfolk by Jeremy Bates

‎ B08RWP5GV5

From USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author Jeremy Bates comes the fourth book in the all-new WORLD’S SCARIEST LEGENDS series. For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Creepypastas. A cave-diving expedition on a mysterious island goes horribly wrong for a renowned marine biologist and his fellow divers when they become hunted by a deadly breed of predators that until then had only been known in myths and legends.

2021.epubEnglish333 KB

Killer Pack by Lou Cadle

‎ B01MTQ47YH

A time gate… A team of teen scientists… A desperate fight to survive…. A rock slide at a fossil site uncovers a portal through time. Park Ranger Hannah and a team of fossil hunters are caught in it and whisked back to an era when giant predator mammals roamed the earth. Before they can find their way home, they must survive the Dawn of Mammals. In book 4’s adventure, The Miocene epoch places them nearer to home, but can they make it back without a lost team member’s knowledge? After Hannah abdicates as leader, relationships shift. Ancient canids hunting in a pack bring down another human. Who will survive this epoch, and who will fall?

2016.epubEnglish310 KB

Jason Steed- Fatal Wrath by Mark A. Cooper


Jason Steed is sent undercover to infiltrate a multi-billionaire weapons manufacturer and makes a discovery more terrible than he could have imagined. Despite warnings over the years regarding his temper, he finally goes too far and finds himself crossing the thin line between right and wrong. Can Scott help pull him from a darkened path?

2021.epubEnglish268 KB

Inferno by Leslie Tyre

‎ B097Q8RYR2

Alastair Seiver is completely incapable of using magic—or so he thinks. But when he comes across an ancient ring, something deep inside him awakens. And with that, he becomes connected to a long-forgotten prophecy about the creation of the world. The night his school—Rokerth Academy—is attacked, he learns that he is a target of dark forces from the nearby kingdom of Tenebrae, which thrusts Alastair from his uneventful life into one wrought with danger. With the help of his friends, he must outrun and outwit these enemies until he is strong enough to fight them, all while discovering that nearly nothing about his life is as it seemed.

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Hope Everlasting by J.N. Chaney


Terry is on the run, having escaped from prison and killed its overseer. He has no choice but to head north to the distant border. That’s where Ludo’s wife is being held, but time is of the essence. If they don’t hurry, she’ll be sacrificed to the gods as part of an ancient barbaric ceremony. With an army at their heels and a continent to cross, Terry and Ludo have precious little time if they ever hope to succeed. Meanwhile, Mei Curie has opened a portal to another world…and it isn’t what she expected. There are worms the size of cars, animals with bulletproof hides, and an advanced alien race unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed.

2016.epubEnglish471 KB

Gossamer Falls by European P. Douglas


Evil comes in beautiful forms Lawrence Karrier is the first to see the beauty while out on his morning run.  A solitary thin cloud drifting down from the mountains and settling into the lake, like nothing he has ever seen before. Later in the day as the local factory empties and the bar fills up, the spectacle of a hundred such clouds against the evening sky beguiles the whole town. That is until someone is unfortunate enough to touch one.

2019.epubEnglish419 KB

Dwarves in Space by S.E. Zbasnik


War looms on the horizon. Can a young woman caught between family and country keep her loved ones alive? China, 1853. Jin Soling’s divided loyalties rest on a knife’s edge. Paired with Chen Chang-wei, her former betrothed, Soling works as a physician in a secret factory building automatons to march on the empire’s battleground cities. Though Soling and Chang-wei’s bond has grown stronger, the strain of serving a country in turmoil threatens to tear them apart.

2015.epubEnglish4 MB

Dark Metamorphosis by John Coon

‎ B0969QB62C

A brutal abduction. A merciless interstellar plot. Can Calandra and Xttra fight deceit and assassins to reveal the dreadful truth? The scars Calandra Menankar carries go well beyond her amputated arm. After surviving a disastrous first contact with Earth, she wants nothing more than to avoid space travel and enjoy a quiet life with her husband. But her dreams shatter when her soulmate disappears at the hands of an unknown assailant. Master pilot Xttra Oogan is haunted by the deaths of his former crew. So he leaps at the chance to purge his guilt when the Stellar Guard dispatches him to capture a dangerous thief and saboteur. But when he discovers a diabolical frame-up, he’s abducted and dragged back to the nightmarish blue planet. With no idea what became of her beloved, Calandra’s determination to uncover hidden agendas puts her in an enemy’s crosshairs. And to find his way home and save his people, Xttra’s only hope…

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Blacklight Born by Alexander Darwin

‎ B097YZ2J79

The Grievar War has engulfed the Empire of Kiroth. Silas the Slayer has given voice and violence to his warrior kin, providing them a reason to rise up after a thousand years of servitude. Cego is released into a war-torn world where the lines between shadow and light are blurred. He must decide which side to fight for: with his brother’s righteous rebellion or beside the family he has finally found. Murray Pearson leads a group of Lyceum students on an adventure across Kiroth to follow the path of combat mastery. But Murray seeks something more on this long road. Redemption. Blacklight Born is the explosive conclusion to the Combat Codes Saga, a story where all must seek a final truth as they step back into the Circle. Why do we fight?

2021.epubEnglish415 KB
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