33 Assorted Non-Fiction Books Collection March 28, 2021

33 Assorted Non-Fiction Books Collection March 28, 2021

33 NonFiction eBooks

The non-fiction novel is a literary genre which, broadly speaking, depicts real historical figures and actual events woven together with fictitious conversations and uses the storytelling techniques of fiction. The non-fiction novel is an otherwise loosely defined and flexible genre. The genre is sometimes referred to using the slang term “faction”, a portmanteau of the words fact and fiction.

EPUB is an e-book file format that uses the “.epub” file extension. The term is short for electronic publication and is sometimes styled ePub. EPUB is supported by many e-readers, and compatible software is available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers.

1. 30-Second Brain by Anil Seth

Are we all at the mercy of our brain chemistry? Do you think that the amygdala and the hippocampus are fantastical sea monsters? What can an MRI scan tell us? Could you explain to dinner-party guests why we don’t giggle when we tickle ourselves?

2020EPUBEnglish12.94 MB

2. A Guide to Biblical Commentaries by John F Evans

A Guide to Biblical Commentaries and Reference Works, by John F. Evans, summarizes and briefly analyzes all recent and many older commentaries on each book of the Bible, giving insightful comments on the approach of each commentary and its interpretive usefulness especially for evangelical interpreters of the Bible.

2016EPUBEnglish3.37 MB

3. Anecdotes of the Cynics by Robert F. Dobbin

What makes us happy? For over 800 years the Cynic philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome argued that the answer lay in a simple, self-sufficient life.

2020EPUBEnglish593 KB

4. Consciousness Rising by Nicky Sutton

Nicky Sutton offers this transformative guide to spiritual awakening, giving advice on manifesting, meditating and moving through any challenging parts of the journey from awakeningto rebirth.

2020EPUBEnglish2.98 MB

5. Economics On Trial Lies, Myths, And Realities by Mark Skousen

As the concern continues to dominate headlines, businesspeople scramble to understand how traditional economic theory fits into their daily planning and investment strategy.

1993EPUBEnglish947 KB

6. Effective Financial Management by Jerome B. McKinney

This analytical volume looks at emerging fiscal trends and introduces the tools for effective financial management to American business professionals in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

2015EPUBEnglish5.62 MB

7. Entropic Affirmation by Apple Zefelius Igrek

How do we conceptualize death when its very nature implies absence and nothingness? It is difficult to put into words precisely because we want our words to help us delineate the world around us, whereas the absence associated with death is the opposite of such delineation.

2018EPUBEnglish1.61 MB

8. Get a Grip, Love by Kate Lucey

‘Clever, kind, funny and wise, this book is an uplifting and useful addition to your self help library.’ Daisy Buchanan, How to Be a Grown-Up We’re all talking about mental health a lot more now than we were ten years ago, which is great . . . isn’t it? Kate Lucey has been ‘officially’ depressed (as in, diagnosed) for six years.

2020EPUBEnglish1002 KB

9. Going Deep by Lawrence Goldstone

The controversial history of the attack submarine—and the story of its colorful creator, John Philip Holland—that reveals how this imaginative invention changed the face of modern warfare.

2017EPUBEnglish20.83 MB

10. In Focus Auras by Joylina Goodings

The In Focus series applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind, and spirit subjects. Authored by experts in their respective fields, these beginner’s guides feature smartly designed visual material that clearly…

2020EPUBEnglish5.25 MB

11. Les Petits Sweets by Kathryn Gordon

The French way is the petite treat: two delicious bites—just a taste—of a sablé, madeleine, petit four, nougat, caramel, or other dessert that packs a sweet punch.

2016EPUBEnglish120.76 MB

12. MasterChef The Classics with a Twist by MasterChef

Dinner ideas with a difference: take your cooking to the next level with MasterChef winners’ takes on 100 classic recipes.

2020EPUBEnglish83.24 MB

13. Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Randy Alcorn

What does the Bible really say about money? This completely revised and updated version of the classic best-seller provides a Christian perspective about money and material possessions based on the author’s painstaking study of the Bible. Randy Alcorn uses the Scriptures to approach this often touchy subject head-on.

2011EPUBEnglish2.72 MB

14. Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough

The National Book Award–winning biography that tells the story of how young Teddy Roosevelt transformed himself from a sickly boy into the vigorous man who would become a war hero and ultimately president of the United States, told by master historian David McCullough.

2007EPUBEnglish18.61 MB

15. Nasty Women by Samhita Mukhopadhyay

When 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, how can women unite in Trump’s America? Nasty Women includes inspiring essays from a diverse group of talented women writers who seek to provide a broad look at how we got here and what we need to do to move forward.

2017EPUBEnglish2.41 MB

16. On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness by Jacques Derrida

One of the world’s most famous philosophers, Jacques Derrida, explores difficult questions in this important and engaging book. Is it still possible to uphold international hospitality and justice in the face of increasing nationalism and civil strife in so many countries?

2003EPUBEnglish1.88 MB

17. Pierre by Nancy Southam

When Pierre Elliott Trudeau died in 2000, the outpouring of emotion was extraordinary. Thousands of people across Canada — and all over the world — mourned the loss of one of our greatest prime ministers, a man who touched the hearts and challenged the minds of a nation.

2005EPUBEnglish5.05 MB

18. Ricardo Ultimate Slow Cooker by Ricardo Larrivée

Canada’s most successful celebrity chef shows us how to make fun, delicious, anything-but-dull slow cooker food!

2018EPUBEnglish128.02 MB

19. Rice and Baguette A History of Food in Vietnam

The once-obscure cuisine of Vietnam is, today, a favorite for many people from East to West. Adapted and modified over thousands of years, it is probably best known as a particularly delicious result of combining traditional southeast Asian cookery with visible outside influences—notably, the crunchy baguette—from its French-occupied past.

2016EPUBEnglish39.68 MB

20. Scripting the Life You Want by Royce Christyn

A step-by-step guide to the process of “scripting” your future and successfully manifesting what you want in life • Explores the science behind how the scripting method works and shares the vivid journal entries from the author’s big breakthrough–when he successfully used his method to land a lead role on a TV show•

2020EPUBEnglish4.09 MB

21. Spark Change by Jennie Lee

It’s been said that finding the right question is as important as finding its answer. As author Jennie Lee writes, “Quality questions lead to quality answers. Questions promote deeper thought, connection, authenticity, and humility.” In Spark Change, Lee shows you how to identify your most important personal questions and explore how they might redefine the trajectory of your life.

2020EPUBEnglish634.64 KB

22. Spy Schools by Daniel Golden

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Daniel Golden exposes how academia has become the center of foreign and domestic espionage—and why that is troubling news for our nation’s security.

2017EPUBEnglish9.79 MB

23. Teach Us to Sit Still by Tim Parks

Teach Us to Sit Still is the visceral, thought-provoking, and inexplicably entertaining story of how Tim Parks found himself in serious pain, how doctors failed to help, and the quest he took to find his own way out.

2011EPUBEnglish5.82 MB

24. The Greatfulness Guide by Jacqui Jones

The Greatfulness Guide is a practical and interactive resource that sets the foundations for strong mental health and positive, resilient thinking. This entertaining guidebook provides a map that teaches children step-by-step how to use their minds to care for themselves in times of stress or worry, and to truly flourish.

2020EPUBEnglish19.08 MB

25. The Holy Fox by Andrew Roberts

Bestselling historian Andrew Roberts’s much-admired reappraisal of one of the most influential – and controversial – British politicians of the 1930s.

1991EPUBEnglish7.71 MB

26. The House Your Stars Built by Rachel Stuart-Haas

Level up your stargazing skills and learn to interpret your own astrological birth chart with this fun, accessible guide to the twelve houses of the zodiac, perfect for armchair astrologers everywhere!

2021EPUBEnglish13.2 MB

27. The Runaway Species by Anthony Brandt

The Runaway Species is a deep-dive into the creative mind, a celebration of the human spirit, and a vision of how humanity can improve our future by understanding and embracing our ability to innovate.

2017EPUBEnglish20.36 MB

28. The Vital Question by Nick Lane

To explain the mystery of how life evolved on Earth, Nick Lane explores the deep link between energy and genes.

2015EPUBEnglish2.05 MB

29. Thinking in Systems and Mental Models by Marcus P Dawson

Do you want to understand the roles of thinking in systems and how they affect, hinder, or aid in fulfilling your life? Are you ready to improve your reasoning and develop your full potential through critical and analytical thinking? Then you’ve come to the right place!

2021EPUBEnglish515 KB

30. Twins Talk by Dona Lee Davis

Twins Talk is an ethnographic study of identical twins in the United States, a study unique in that it considers what twins have to say about themselves, instead of what researchers have written about them.

2015EPUBEnglish5.93 MB

31. We Need to Talk by Celeste Headlee

They are, perhaps, the most dreaded four words in the English language. But in her timely, insightful, and wonderfully practical book, We Need to Talk, Celeste Headlee—who earns a living by talking on the airwaves of National Public Radio—makes the case that they are urgently needed.

2017EPUBEnglish387 KB

32. Wicca Natural Magic Kit by Lisa Chamberlain

Are you ready to take your magical experience to the next level? Wicca Natural Magic Kit from best-selling author Lisa Chamberlain will help you further develop your practice of magic within the framework of Wicca, Witchcraft, and other Pagan traditions.

2018EPUBEnglish1.34 MB

33. Williams-Sonoma Comfort Food by Rick Rodgers

Inside these pages, celebrated cookbook author Rick Rodgers shares his cherished recipes for the very best of American-style comfort foods. This collection of over 100 tempting dishes—for lunch, starters, sides, dinner, and desserts—comes to life with personal tales andstunning photography, providing delicious inspiration for everyday cooking.

2014EPUBEnglish12.79 MB
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