54 Assorted Fiction Books Collection April 13, 2021

54 Assorted Fiction Books Collection April 13, 2021

Free Fiction Collection

Fiction generally is a narrative form, in any medium, consisting of people, events, or places that are imaginary—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact. In its most narrow usage, fiction refers to written narratives in prose and often specifically novels, though also novellas and short stories.

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Vengewar by Kevin J. Anderson

Free Fiction Collection

The sequel to Spine of The Dragon brings bitter rivalry and blood feud—that might be the downfall of the human kingdoms. Two continents at war, the Three Kingdoms and Ishara, have been in conflict for a thousand years. But when an outside threat arises—the reawakening of a powerful ancient race that wants to remake the world—the two warring nations must somehow set aside generations of hatred to form an alliance against a far more deadly enemy.

2021.epubEnglish8 MB

Untamed by E.M. Moore

Free Fiction Collection

Welcome to the school for shifter rejects… Unwanted. Dismissed. Cast away by their mate, the renounced are directed to attend university together by the Pack Council to salvage what’s left of their shattered lives. The objective? Reform, impress, or get the hell out. There’s no room in the packs for wolves who don’t conform. Who can’t breed future heirs. With living feral, a.k.a. certain death, as the only alternative, the rejects need to win back their true mate before they’re banished from the packs forever.

2021.epubEnglish630 KB

Transient Echoes by J.N. Chaney

Free Fiction Collection

It has been three years since the day of the Second Jolt. Thanks to the efforts of a select few, the world is finally moving on. As the Variant air begins to thin, humanity finds itself on the cusp of a new age of exploration…but at what cost? After closing the rift—the source of all Variant—the hybrid child known as Terry has been transported to a distant world, far away from the only home he’s ever known. Completely isolated, and haunted by voices from his past, he wanders through the ruins of an ancient civilization long forgotten.

2016.epubEnglish390 KB

The Train by Sarah Bourne

Free Fiction Collection

When the day starts with tragedy… where will it lead? When a woman steps in front of a commuter train to end her life, it sets in motion a chain of events that will also change the lives of its passengers forever. Eight strangers start their day unaware of the events about to unfold, but they find themselves having to reassess who they are and what they want from life.  Emotional responses rise to the surface, including some of the choices they’ve made in life and their own mortality.

2021.epubEnglish397 KB

The Selkie Scandal by Rosalie Oaks

Free Fiction Collection

A royal ransom, a dangerous rescue, and the famous Beresford jam… England, 1804: the Earl of Beresford has his morning interrupted by naked selkie royalty. The seal-woman in question wants Beresford to find her brother, the High Prince of Skerry, who has been taken hostage for two thousand guineas.

2021.epubEnglish340 KB

The Rynox Mystery by Philip MacDonald

Free Fiction Collection

A classic Golden Age crime novel, and the first time Philip MacDonald wrote a crime novel without a detective. ‘Rynox’ is at that point where one injudicious move, one failure of judgement, one coincidental piece of bad luck will wreck it. So why would anyone send more than a million pounds in one-pound notes to Mr Salisbury of the Naval, Military and Cosmopolitan Assurance Corporation? Who would shoot F.X. Benedik, the senior partner of the firm, through the head in his study? And where is the choleric Mr Marsh, who had an appointment with F.X. on the night of his death? Rynox is on the edge of big things. But the edge of big things is a narrow edge.

1931.epubEnglish2 MB

The Rosary Garden by Nicola White

Free Fiction Collection

‘A MESMERISING TALE OF SECRETS AND LIES’ VAL MCDERMID ‘AS GOOD AS IT GETS’ DENISE MINA ‘A COMPULSIVE, PAGE-TURNING CRIME NOVEL’ DECLAN HUGHES *WINNER OF THE DUNDEE INTERNATIONAL BOOK PRIZE* It was Ali who found the body of a murdered newborn baby, hidden in the garden of her convent school. In an Ireland riven by battles of religion and reproduction, the case becomes a media sensation, even as the church tries to suppress it. But this is not the first dead baby Ali has found. For Detectives Vincent Swan and Gina Considine, the pressure to discover the identity of the dead child is little help against a community with secrets to protect.

2014.epubEnglish633 KB

The Parallax Tablet by Douglas Michaels

Free Fiction Collection

Ancient secrets. A king’s legacy. The end of the world. A mysterious titanium tablet is discovered by archaeologists salvaging a bronze age shipwreck, and their discovery sets off a worldwide race between governments, corporations, and even more sinister players to obtain it.

2021.epubEnglish484 KB

The Mitford Trial by Jessica Fellowes

Free Fiction Collection

A timeless murder mystery with the fascinating, glamorous Mitford sisters at its heart, The Mitford Trial is the fourth installment in the Mitford Murders series from Jessica Fellowes, inspired by a real-life murder in a story full of intrigue, affairs and betrayal…

2020.epubEnglish3 MB

The Masterpiece by Fiona Davis

Free Fiction Collection

In her latest captivating novel, nationally bestselling author Fiona Davis takes readers into the glamorous lost art school within Grand Central Terminal, where two very different women, fifty years apart, strive to make their mark on a world set against them. For the nearly nine million people who live in New York City, Grand Central Terminal is a crown jewel, a masterpiece of design. But for Clara Darden and Virginia Clay, it represents something quite different.

2018.epubEnglish387 KB

The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan

Free Fiction Collection

Grace Winter, 22, is both a newlywed and a widow. She is also on trial for her life. In the summer of 1914, the elegant ocean liner carrying her and her husband Henry across the Atlantic suffers a mysterious explosion. Setting aside his own safety, Henry secures Grace a place in a lifeboat, which the survivors quickly realize is over capacity. For any to live, some must die.

2012.epubEnglish257 KB

The Last Hun by Ashwin Razdan


About Book: Hun, the universal appellation for terror, was earned with brutality and blood. Legend has it that Mahira, a Hun dynasty King of the early 6th century, was the most cruel man of all time. Sagala, the capital of his vast but dying empire, that extended from the Central Steppes, over the Hindu Kush, into what is modern-day Pakistan and north-western India, to the borders of the Gupta Empire, was a place where unrivalled beauty and extreme bestiality existed in uneasy alliance.

2019.epubEnglish4 MB

The Imposter by Anna Wharton

Free Fiction Collection

They say you can’t choose your family . . . But what if they’re wrong? Chloe lives a quiet life. Working as a newspaper archivist in the day and taking care of her nan in the evening, she’s happy simply to read about the lives of others as she files the news clippings from the safety of her desk. But there’s one story that she can’t stop thinking about. The case of Angie Kyle – a girl, Chloe’s age, who went missing as a child. A girl whose parents never gave up hope.

2021.epubEnglish382 KB

The Girl of Dorcha Wood by Kristin Ward


Treacherous. Evil. Dark. Dorcha Wood is all of these things. And none of them. The people of Felmore talk of Dorcha Wood in whispers, if they speak of it at all, fearing the wrath of the Cú-Síth should their words be carried on the wind. Those murdering beasts still roam the darkness of the forest, the last remnants of the cursed Aos Sí, a race of elves, long since vanished from the world.

2021.epubEnglish373 KB

The Fugitives by Jamal Mahjoub0

Free Fiction Collection

The Kamanga Kings, a Khartoum jazz band of yesteryear, is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime when a surprise letter arrives inviting them to perform in Washington, D.C. The only problem is . . . the band no longer exists. Rushdy is a disaffected secondary school teacher and the son of an original Kamanga King.

2021.epubEnglish2 MB

The Fourth Victim by Mari Jungstedt


In the stifling heat of an August morning on the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland, terror shatters the calm. An armed robbery is over in minutes, leaving a little girl on the road, hit in the speed of the robbers’ flight.

2008.epubEnglish346 KB

The Boy in the Well by Dan Clark


A time to mourn. A gruesome find. A race for the truth. After her husband and son are killed in a tragic car accident, Carolyn goes to stay with her mother in a quiet, rural town. She hopes the break will help her cope with her loss. Soon, Carolyn discovers that the small town holds unforgivable secrets. One she stumbles upon when she discovers the body of a young boy down a well – only to find he has disappeared when she returns with the police.

2021.epubEnglish309 KB

The Bitterroots by C.J. Box

Free Fiction Collection

The ties that bind can burn you. Former sheriff’s investigator Cassie Dewell is trying to start over with her own private investigation firm. She’s her own boss answering to no one – and that’s just the way she likes it after the past few tumultuous years.

2019.epubEnglish3 MB

Take It Offline by Mazzy King


Kellan As the CEO of Level Up Games, Inc., I get the credit when everything goes right for the company…and when everything goes wrong. The board of directors has informed that I need to have a pitch ready for the next amazing game from Level Up…problem is, I don’t have the first idea what to do.

2021.epubEnglish141 KB

Supernova by C.A .Higgins


C. A. Higgins’s acclaimed novel Lightless fused suspenseful storytelling, high-caliber scientific speculation, and richly developed characters into a stunning science fiction epic. Now the dazzling Supernova heightens the thrills and deepens the haunting exploration of technology and humanity—and the consequences that await when the two intersect.

2016.epubEnglish5 MB

Sparrow Envy by J. Drew Lanham

Free Fiction Collection

“You are a rare bird, easy to see but invisible just the same.” That thought is close at hand in Sparrow Envy: Field Guide to Birds and Lesser Beasts, as renowned naturalist and writer J. Drew Lanham explores his obsession with birds and all things wild in a mixture of poetry and prose.

2021.epubEnglish438 KB

Space for Evolution by Zurab Andguladze


To avoid extinction from the Universe, humanity unites to launch the exoplanet colonization. Spaceships set off to Earth-like planets. Centuries will pass before mankind receives the answer from the other side. Will there still be hope after all these long years of waiting? There, on a distant corner of a hostile Galaxy, is a new life.

2021.epubEnglish554 KB

Somebody Out There by Kevin Lynch


Somebody out there wants to hurt them… When Ben and Deborah leave the city to start a new life in the beautiful countryside, they can almost taste their perfect future – growing their own food, the kids running free, peace and silence. But as soon as they arrive in their new home bad things start to happen.

2021.epubEnglish328 KB

Sand in My Eyes by Christine Lemmon


Twenty years ago, Anna Hott thought she could control everything — her crumbling marriage, her demanding children, her hectic life — by quitting her high-placed job in New York City and moving her family to tranquil Sanibel Island, Florida.

2011.epubEnglish2 MB

Punished by L.V. Lane

Free Fiction Collection

Wild, uncivilized, and deadly, he is all these things and more. Yet it is I who has had power over him. He calls me his god and creator.  But they were just words upon a page.  He says I’m cruel and wicked.  But I didn’t mean to be.  None of this matters anymore, for the lines have gotten blurred.  I need to be punished, and my brutal alien master is going to punish me.  Publisher’s Note: Punished is a dark science fiction romance short story. It contains explicit scenes, triggers, and complete power exchange. *Standalone short story with HEA*

2021.epubEnglish127 KB

Overthrow by James Samuel


You can’t hide a dead elephant in a basket. Fresh from Mexico, the lethal James Winchester lands in Phnom Penh with a simple set of orders: execute General Sen Narith and ensure Prime Minister Hun Sen maintains his grip on the country.

2021.epubEnglish313 KB

Now Say You re Sorry by Barbara Fournier


When an abused young woman is the sole survivor of a string of murders, two detectives uncover a web of hidden secrets that could be deadly. South Dakota detectives Emerson Lake and Reese Clayton were seasoned detectives with a complicated relationship, but nothing prepared them for the day a secretive man and a revered police Sergeant were murdered in an eerily similar fashion.

2021.epubEnglish403 KB

No Darkness as like Death by Nancy Herriman


Few in San Francisco were troubled by the news that Ambrose Shaw had been found dead at a local health institute—the prominent banker had recently turned to politics and was reviled by many for his incendiary views. But when Celia Davies learns that his death is considered suspicious by the police and that a damning piece of evidence points to a patient of hers as the culprit, she feels compelled to prove the woman’s innocence.

2021.epubEnglish441 KB

Morgan by Deanna L. Rowley

Free Fiction Collection

Morgan Stuart woke in the hospital with no memory of who or where she was. With no place else to go, she went home to her rescuer’s ranch. She didn’t know if she’d worked on a ranch before, but she settled in with no problems. Until she fell for the ranch’s owner. Wyatt Erwin knew spending time with his house guest, Jane Doe would be a huge mistake. However, he couldn’t seem to stay away from her.

2021.epubEnglish324 KB

Marrakech Noir by Yasin Adnan


“Armchair travelers will relish this collective look at Marrakech through the eyes of those who know its people and culture well.” —Publishers Weekly “As Adnan warns in his charming introduction, this is an unusually joy and humor-filled noir collection, although it also has its share of murders, accidents, abuse, and theft.”

2018.epubEnglish4 MB

Mechantula by Steve R. Yeager


When San Francisco is attacked by a giant mechanical spider, three unlikely heroes become humanity’s last hope. Can Dave, the manager of Carlione’s Pizza Palace; Dawn, a comic book convention booth babe; and Johnny, a former bodybuilder and infomercial product salesman, come together to battle every diabolical obstacle Mechantula puts in their path? Probably not. Mechantula is a farcical, thrilling, romantic adventure for those who claim to have a sense of humor.

2015.epubEnglish233 KB

Laid Out in Lavender by Gin Jones


Mabel Skinner still hasn’t acquired a taste for growing garlic, but the app developer-turned farmer does have a nose for rooting out killers . . . Dreaming she’ll someday return to her less pungent life of computer coding, Mabel continues to honor her deceased aunt’s legacy by running Skinner Farm. To make ends meet between harvests, she’s renting out the property’s mercifully downwind lavender field for summer weddings. Mabel’s first clients are a retirement age couple celebrating their second chance at love in their later years. Hosting a rehearsal dinner with fresh foods seemed like a good idea to promote the farm—until the dead body of one of the wedding guests is discovered.

2021.epubEnglish720 KB

Kingsteel by Michael Meyerhofer

Free Fiction Collection

For more than 18 years, Bob Flexner has been inspiring woodworkers with his writings and teachings on wood finishing. Now, from this best-selling author comes the long-awaited and completely updated second edition of UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING-the most practical, comprehensive book on finishing ever published. The first edition of UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and is widely regarded as the bible of wood finishing. “We use UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING as the textbook for our students training to go into the furniture industry,” says David Miles, wood technology professor at Pittsburg State University. “It’s the best written, most accurate, and most thorough wood finishing book in print-by far.”

2010.epubEnglish1 MB

Just One Look by Lucy Darling


I was bought and paid for but nothing is as it seems. My prison is a mansion filled with luxuries I’ve never seen. That’s nothing compared to the master of the estate. Especially now that he’s my husband. He’s made it clear he’ll never let me go. Til death do us part. But Roman is nothing like the beast everyone claims he is. In fact, underneath all his gruffness, there is another side to my husband. A side I could love. Each night he holds me close making me want so much more. Can he turn this marriage into the real thing, into the true love I’ve always dreamed of? Or will I lose the only thing that still belongs to me, my heart.

2021.epubEnglish355 KB

Isekai Magus by Han Yang


Damien was a simple man, cruising on the highway of life. A goddess of temptation lures him into a deal he scoffs at. To him, superstition is for the foolish. Small problem: she’s real, her ritual works, and Damien is magically teleported into a strange new realm. Damien awakens in Nordan, a land of myth and magic. A realm where humans battle legendary creatures for the amusement of the gods. In a war between man and myth. Damien’s powers set him above the rest, a lord of life and death – enemy of all. Stranded, but not alone, will he perish, or conquer his way home?

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Infants of the Spring by Wallace Thurman


“[T]his delightful roman à clef about the Harlem Renaissance reflects . . . many of the competing notions of its time — between the masses and individuality, between art and uplift, between civilization and primitivism, between separatism and assimilation.” — Kirkus Reviews This minor classic of the Harlem Renaissance centers on the larger-than-life inhabitants of “Niggerati Manor,” an apartment building modeled on the rooming house where the author once lived among other celebrated black artists and writers.

2013.epubEnglish2 MB

His Contract by Kelli Callahan


Big. Aggressive. Dangerous. Are you ready to fall in love with a BAD man? There is only one rule to being a hitman. No witnesses. I was hired to do a job. Eliminate a threat to her. Josephine Kotov Untouchable. Off limits. No matter how bad I want her. I accepted it. I moved on. But fate threw us together again. The job was going as planned. Until she walked in, And ruined everything. The rules are the rules. What she saw means she’s supposed to be next on my list. But can’t do it… She knows my secret, but this is one trigger I can’t bring myself to pull. Even if I am a very bad man.

2021.epubEnglish390 KB

Heir of Ruin by Leigh Kelsey

Free Fiction Collection

A brand new fae romance series inspired by Hades and Persephone that fans of Truthwitch and Throne of Glass will devour. A princess with untold power… Maia Delakore is the tool of her aunt, the queen of the Vassal Empire. With her snaresong magic, Maia moulds the minds of the court, and eradicates any resistance to the queen’s reign. But when her aunt commands her to kill a prince, she refuses.

2021.epubEnglish840 KB

Girl Obsessed by Zee Shine Storm

Free Fiction Collection

Girl Obsessed – A Dark Romance. An obsessed teenage girl posing as an assistant. A respected, best-selling author in his thirties. An affair that rocks the world. I fell in love with his mind. The way he weaved words like magic and enslaved every part of my soul. My life had been tortured and meaningless until the day I stumbled upon one of his novels and found myself devouring it. And when I found out who he was, passion unlike anything else tore through me, making me come alive for the first time in years. Suddenly, his words on paper weren’t enough. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know his real name, what he liked for breakfast, how he looked when he slept, what his favourite scent was.

2021.epubEnglish256 KB

Ghost Run by J.L. Bourne


The acclaimed and eagerly anticipated fourth thriller in the zombie apocalypse series from the author of Day by Day Armageddon and Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile, for fans of the smash hit show The Walking Dead. In a desperate bid to survive as hordes of bloodthirsty undead now dominate the ravaged U.S. population, a Navy commander discovers an incredible secret about the pandemic in this fourth novel in the acclaimed Day by Day Armageddon series. Task Force Phoenix may be humanity’s final hope, and the narrator’s agonizing decisions could mean living one more day—or surrendering to the eternal hell that exists between life and death.

2016.epubEnglish4 MB

First Do No Charm by Joan Grey


When 45-year-old single mother Kay Grant accidentally unblocks her magical powers, her new world comes filled with darker threats than she’d ever imagined. Kay Grant is having one of the worst and weirdest days of her life. She quits her job and, at a local mystical café and bookshop, finds a spell for unblocking energy. Her light-hearted attempt at casting it causes a wave of magic which unlocks her own latent powers. The local witches are friendly and mostly welcoming, and Kay is delighted to find this fantastic new community.

2021.epubEnglish710 KB

Exodus by Michael James Ploof


From USA Today bestselling author Michael James Ploof comes an exhilarating new fantasy adventure series. TALON: Book 1 of the Windwalker Archive follows the early years of a unique boy, a fifteen year old runt living on the barbarian island of Volnoss. Born premature during the frozen plague that took his mother, shunned by his father, and raised by his grandmother, Talon has always felt like he doesn’t belong.

2016.epubEnglish534 KB

Endure at the End of the World by M.P. McDonald


So far, they’ve escaped the virus, but that doesn’t mean they’ve survived the worst pandemic mankind has ever experienced. No longer alone, Ethan, Cassie, and Noah find out that, even together, survival is not assured. Mother Nature has not finished testing them. Ethan knows he’s lucky to have found good people, but they’re not his family. Awkward, and unsure of his standing, he takes risks to prove he belongs — that he’s a useful member of the group.

2021.epubEnglish345 KB

Dragon Rider by S.P. Platt


Angel was born into a Dragon Rider family. Generations of his family have been Riders. He was now to be a rider. Until the dragons he once played with tried to kill him. His world suddenly collapsed as Magic came upon him. Everyone knows that Dragons don’t like magic or Wizards. That is what has happened to Angel. He must now leave his old world of Dragons and go into a world of Magic because the two worlds cannot be together. He must now go to Nirvana, where the school of magic has been teaching for centuries.

2012.epubEnglish383 KB

Dragon Bonds by Ava Richardson

Free Fiction Collection

The Darkening has risen… Agathea Flamma and Sebastian Smith now face an overwhelming enemy. The rapid spread of the Darkening, a threat arising from the mists of legend, looms over the entire land. With both their families torn apart by the conflict and betrayal lurking around every corner, one mistake could doom the kingdom. They’ll have to decide where to put their faith: blood ties or newfound friends? After the destruction of the Dragon Academy, it’s up to Thea and Seb to gather their loyal comrades—and forge uneasy new alliances—to quell the ancient menace and face the evil Lord Vincent. With civil war raging, the Dragon Riders must race against time to find the legendary Dragon Stone, the only tool they have to fight against the endless darkness that threatens to swallow them all. *Dragon Trials (Return of the Darkening Book One) is FREE until 17th July!*

2016.epubEnglish350 KB

Drag Me Up by R.M. Virtues


They say he’s a myth… And Hades prefers it that way. He may do all the work, and Zeus may get all the credit, but at least it allows Hades to preserve the one thing he truly cares to have: his solitude. The mere mention of the Wraith of Khaos Falls is enough to keep order, and he is rarely forced to leave the shadows of Casino Asphodel. She belongs in the spotlight… And Persephone clawed her way out of Demeter’s shadow to reach it.

2021.epubEnglish308 KB

Demon Fire by Marie Johnston

Free Fiction Collection

She betrayed her kind and was exiled from her realm. When Sierra is dumped in a snowy forest before an impending blizzard, that should be the end of the newly fallen angel. Boone wanted isolation. He wanted peace. He wanted to be left the hell alone. But a last-minute trip before he’s stormed in for days turns up more than spare wood and a rabbit in his snare. He finds an unconscious and bloody woman.

2021.epubEnglish314 KB

Dearly Departed by Carly Winter


The year is 1965 and Patty Riggs is flying high as stewardess… until her life crashes when she finds her neighbor murdered. While cooperating with the police, she meets FBI agent Nick Hart, who shows an intense interest in both her and the victim’s activities. When he asks Patty to introduce him to a couple of the suspects she knows, she immediately agrees, harboring groovy visions of leaving her stewardess job behind and becoming the first female FBI agent. But as they dive deeper into the case, it only becomes more confusing. When Patty’s life is threatened, she realizes murder investigations aren’t for the faint of heart. Can she untangle the web of clues to find the killer, or will she be the next victim?

2021.epubEnglish488 KB

Baghdad Noir by Samuel Shimon

Free Fiction Collection

“This anthology’s status as perhaps the first collection of Iraqi crime fiction ever published makes it a landmark.” —Publishers Weekly “Baghdad Noir is the latest addition to the simply outstanding ‘Noir’ anthology series from Akashic Books…A simply fascinating and at times compulsively driven read.” —Midwest Book Review Akashic Books continues its award-winning series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir.

2018.epubEnglish3 MB

Blue Plate Special by Susan Page Davis


Campbell McBride drives to her father’s house in Murray, Kentucky, dreading telling him she’s lost her job as an English professor. Her father, Bill McBride, isn’t there or at his office in town. His brash young employee, Nick Emerson, says Bill hasn’t come in this morning, but he did call the night before with news that he had a new case.

2021.epubEnglish836 KB

A Hole In One by Paul Weininger


Rabbi Neil Bloom had it all: The biggest Reform congregation in Northern Arizona in the beautiful high-end resort town of Sedona; a three-acre estate in Flagstaff with exquisite furnishings; community acclaim as a spiritual leader and philanthropist; a seven-figure investment portfolio; and best of all, a gorgeous mistress half his age. Out of nowhere he is shot and nearly killed, and his golfing partners are inexplicably shot at too. Not long after recovering, he comes home one day to be arrested for murder! Only after some dogged detective work and a hard-charging female D.A. takes the case is the truth eventually revealed.

2021.epubEnglish350 KB

Annie Without Crow by Michael Swanwick

Free Fiction Collection

An act of indiscretion from her immortal trickster companion sends Annie and her league of ladies-in-waiting on a time-defying adventure that becomes the inspiration for William Shakespeare. At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

A Million Things by Emily Spurr


Rae is ten years old, and she’s tough. She’s had to be: life with her mother has taught her the world is not her friend. Now suddenly her mum is gone and Rae is alone, except for her dog Splinter. Rae can do a lot of things pretty well for a kid. She can take care of herself and Splints, stay under the radar at school and keep the front yard neat enough that the neighbours won’t get curious.

2021.epubEnglish655 KB

Awakening of the Dragon by N.A. Hydes


An ancient prophecy predicts the Dragon Age will return… Jennifer Wright, a freshman student at South Holt University, forever changes when she encounters a ferocious black bear while camping. The experience awakens an incredible transformation. Ancestral dreams disturb her sleep, leaving her confused and disoriented, and causing her to question her sanity.

2021.epubEnglish323 KB
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