60 Assorted Fiction Books Collection June 01, 2021

60 Assorted Fiction Books Collection June 01, 2021

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Fiction generally is a narrative form, in any medium, consisting of people, events, or places that are imaginary—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact. In its most narrow usage, fiction refers to written narratives in prose and often specifically novels, though also novellas and short stories.

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Your Life or Mine by Vicki Bradley


There were only ever two choices – your life or mine. Alana Loxton was part of the all-female team to take down Barratt, a notorious serial killer. He is safely behind bars when one of the detectives goes missing. Her disappearance, and the connection to the killer, could be a coincidence – but when her body is discovered days later, a link begins to form. Then another detective from the team goes missing and the situation becomes horrifically clear.

2018.epubEnglish5 MB

Wyld Dreamers by Pamela Holmes


Can events of the past be forgotten? In the summer of 1972, a group of friends is invited to Somerset to help photographer Seymour Stratton renovate a dilapidated cottage on Wyld Farm. Over the next year, the group come to regard the farm as offering them a place to be for the rest of their lives, to enjoy ‘the good life. But despite the commitment and camaraderie, the rural idyll collapses.

2021.epubEnglish554 KB

Where There’s A Will by Janna MacGregor


In Where There’s a Will, a short story that kicks off A Duke in Time, first in a brand-new series from Janna MacGregor, a recent widow and her despicable, late-husband’s brother meet, with sparks flying almost instantly.

2021.epubEnglish531 KB

When Elephants Fight by Ashwin Dave


When British vet Alec Dunlop is stopped at customs on the way home from a trip to Africa, he’s unexpectedly thrown into a dangerous world of illegal ivory smuggling, blackmail and murder.

2021.epubEnglish468 KB

Under The Magnolia by Kelsey Soliz


I met them when we were five. Constantine, Cameron, and Alexander. Our teacher bade us stand together in front of the class because we all had birthdays that first week. By the time we’re 10, we’ve established our secret meeting spot amidst the branches of the giant magnolia tree that looms between my house and theirs.

2021.epubEnglish2 MB

Unclean Hands by James Rosenberg


A contentious trial is imminent: Rick Waterston’s legal practice is suffering. Although he’s stopped drinking, he can’t turn his life around. The ex is hounding him for past child support. His biggest client makes passes at him and there’s not a lot of money to spread around.

2021.epubEnglish373 KB

To Love Someone by Maryann Jordan


Not everyone has a hero’s welcome home. Joseph landed in Baytown when he left the military and had nowhere else to go. Used to being a loner, he discovered the small coastal town offered friendship… but love? That wasn’t even on his radar.

2021.epubEnglish279 KB

The Witch’s Wrath by Tegan Maher


These old witches think they can come here and steal the youth from unsuspecting women? Not in my town, sugar. Hold my potion. My name’s Mila Maganti, and I used to be content running my potions shop and spending my days off at the beach.

2021.epubEnglish969 KB

The Violent Enemy by Jack Higgins


Review ‘A compulsively readable storyteller’ Sunday Express‘Jack Higgins is the master craftsman of good, clean adventure’ Daily Mail Product Description An imprisoned IRA soldier sets out to make a daring heist-with the fate of Northern Ireland’s Republican cause resting in the balance Seven years ago, Sean Rogan’s dedication to the Irish Republican Army landed him in a high-security prison.

2008.epubEnglish127 KB

The Waiter by Ajay Chowdhury


Kamil Rahman, disgraced detective, turned waiter, is about to find himself embroiled in a case that might just change his life…for better or for worse. Ex-detective Kamil Rahman moves from Kolkata to London to start afresh as a waiter in an Indian restaurant.

2021.epubEnglish430 KB

The Sun’s Blood by Jeremy Bai


Wang Fan and his friends face dark times.  He is stronger than ever, but that didn’t help in his fight against the monstrous rogue Black Corpse, Nicolas Kun. Now he and his friends face greater challenges than ever. As they climb higher in the Grand Kingdom, seeking the True Heaven, they will learn darker secrets than they could have guessed existed. The time has come to fight!

2021.epubEnglish309 KB

The Silver Timeship by Sean Robins


What will you sacrifice to save the entire universe? Following Jim’s audacious plan, Kurt and a team of Marines traveled to the future to destroy Voltex. However, in doing so, they inadvertently started a chain reaction that ended with the extermination of all life in the universe.

2021.epubEnglish302 KB

The Motive by Khurrum Rahman


A Jay Qasim short story and prequel to EAST OF HOUNSLOW written for Quick Reads 2021 Business has been slow for Hounslow’s small time dope-dealer, Jay Qasim. A student house party means quick easy cash but it also means breaking his own rules.

2021.epubEnglish7 MB

The Porcelain Prince by Ana Calin


As a pop idol, Cage Knox has the world at his feet. They call him the Porcelain Prince because of his flawless skin, bottomless black eyes and sinfully perfect lips. His voice is a drug that has entire stadiums of fans screaming, and his dance moves could arouse the dead. But the reality behind his mask is far from pretty.

2021.epubEnglish340 KB

The Last Roman- Exile by B K Greenwood


Marcus realizes he cannot be killed—but that won’t stop him from dying time and again over the next 2,000 years. Seasoned imperial officer Marcus Sempronius Gracchus leads the 9th Roman Legion into a bloody battle against a fierce barbarian rival.

2021.epubEnglish513 KB

The Killing Kind by Jane Casey


The incredible new break-out thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author. Don’t miss the book everyone will be talking about this year! He tells you you’re special…As a barrister, Ingrid Lewis is used to dealing with tricky clients, but no one has ever come close to John Webster. After Ingrid defended Webster against a stalking charge, he then turned on her – following her, ruining her relationship, even destroying her home. 

2021.epubEnglish2 MB

The Killing Game by Amanda Feyerbend


Beautiful, rich, and skilled… …as a life coach, Simone also liked to kill. Would Liz be her next victim? At 29, she’s been happily married for two years. Her childhood was filled with trauma, and it drove her to become a police officer. Liz had found balance in life, love, and her career. That morning in Marietta, it all changed in an instant.

2021.epubEnglish574 KB

The Festival Killer by Jo McCready


Agent RJ Rox is in charge of her first case for the clandestine organization known as Kingfisher. A ticking clock and a colleague who could make the whole assignment blow up in her face, pile on the pressure in a case that seems impossible to crack.

2020.epubEnglish320 KB

The Alpha by Eric Vall


I was just a nerd for crying out loud. A college student just doing his best to survive. I can’t be a werewolf. I have midterms next week. But apparently fate has plans for me, because one day I was just Jesse Rafe, and the next day I’m The Alpha, the legendary were shifter who is meant to impregnate every possible shifter species omega female and rule the world. If I don’t get killed by another alpha first, of course.

2021.epubEnglish364 KB

Surfaced by Tricia Barr


A powerful siren. A conflicted dragon. And a destiny to change the world, for better, or for worse. Myreen thought her trials were over after defeating Draven and his vampire followers. But when her mother’s will bids her to return to the mer kingdom she left behind, Myreen realizes her work is far from over. She is, after all, heiress to the throne.

2021.epubEnglish298 KB





Sea of Two Suns by Nicholas McAuliff


The year is 1834. It is a race for the silver gleam, that which shines proudly from Baffin Bay once again. Isaac Isaacson writes for the New York Messenger, chasing a story of disenfranchised fur trappers, whalers and pirates who band together for a common pursuit. From New France, the Fur and Pine Company sends a message of blood to any who would abandon the dying fur trade.

2021.epubEnglish345 KB

Savage Point by Denise Fitzpatrick


A killer is watching… A bride’s wedding ends in tragedy when her matron of honour is brutally murdered. Detective Inspector Ian Anderson leads the investigation. He will need all his skills to find the killer whose identity and trademarks are as mysterious as the motive behind the crime. He suspects two business owners in the city of having secrets they don’t want unearthed. But are they capable of murder? With chilling precision, the ruthless killer continues his murderous rampage as D.I. Anderson desperately looks for clues to solve the case before another person he cares about is targeted.

2021.epubEnglish393 KB

Sanskrit Cipher by C M Gleason


Marina Alexander is back in her third adventure of international intrigue, ancient secrets, and high-stakes adventure! NEPAL, 2000 years ago: A honey hunting tribe collects its seasonal bounty, leaving an offering in a sacred cave. PARIS, 1889: The Jewish-Russian author of a controversial book about Jesus is threatened into silence by a trio of Buddhist monks. CINCINNATI, OHIO, PRESENT DAY: A man possessing data from an entomological field study is attacked and nearly killed.

2021.epubEnglish473 KB

Rising Tide by Morgan Greene


The tide is rising, and there’s blood in the water… DI Jamie Johansson is on loan to the Stockholm Polis when a chilling call for help comes in. The Bolstad B oil platform in the unforgiving Norwegian Sea is in total lockdown. The body of one of the crew was found brutally attacked and then hanged from a crane.

2021.epubEnglish387 KB

Queens of the Wyrd by Timandra Whitecastle


Half-giant Lovis and her Shieldmaiden warband were once among the fiercest warriors in Midgard. But those days are long past and now Lovis just wants to provide a safe home for herself and her daughter – that is, until her former shield-sister Solveig shows up on her doorstep with shattering news. Solveig’s warrior daughter is trapped on the Plains of Vigrid in a siege gone ugly. Desperate to rescue her, Sol is trying to get the old warband back together again.

2019.epubEnglish434 KB

Prison Witch by Trina M Lee


I don’t know how the hell we ever managed to escape. Too bad our freedom was short lived. Now Sin and I are on the run. Since the night we were separated from the others we’ve been on the move, careful not to get too comfortable or let our guard down.

2021.epubEnglish930 KB

Merciless Legacy by Tikiri Herath



2021.epubEnglish600 KB

Massive Attack by Dana Arama


He is the man who makes bad guys disappear, but what happens when he desperately needs to make a person reappear? After ten years of intensive work in the Israeli Mossad, Guy Niava decides to retire. He goes to stay with his brother’s family, where he becomes the confidante of his adolescent nephew, Jonathan.

2021.epubEnglish508 KB

Manhunter by Chris Ryan


THINK YOU KNOW THE SAS? THINK AGAIN… From no.1 bestselling SAS hero Chris Ryan, comes MANHUNTER: the first book in an explosive new series featuring Josh Bowman, a battle-worn Regiment soldier hand-picked to join a shadowy unit within the SAS.

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Lotus by Nikki Jacks


Three scoops of gorgeous, and a life I never imagined. Groomed to be the perfect southern princess, I wanted more from life than my parents’ gilded cage. Silver Springs was my chance to start over – free and independent – and avoid the plans my intended had for me. Opening my ice cream shop was a dream come true!

2021.epubEnglish397 KB

Libertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge


Named One of the Most-Anticipated Books of 2021 by: O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, The Millions, Refinery29, Garden & Gun, Publishers Lunch, BuzzFeed, The Rumpus, BookPage, Harper’s Bazaar, Ms., Goodreads, and more The #1 Indie Next Pick for April! A March LibraryReads Selection “Pure brilliance.

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Lead Destiny by Sean Morrison


Lead Destiny is about the Man of Many Names, a gunslinger in the Wild West. He is a veteran of the Civil War, and he has been aimlessly wandering, searching for a purpose and trying to outrun his past trauma. His situation both worsens and improves when he stumbles upon a witch’s hut and she shows him his destiny.

2021.epubEnglish386 KB

KNOX by Heather Horrocks


She’s determined to help — but he’s blocking her way to the quarterback. Amy Kingsley just wants two weeks to prove her company’s therapy can make a difference in helping former quarterback Daniel Reid’s post-concussion, pre-ALS symptoms.

2021.epubEnglish412 KB

It’s Time by Rachael Dytor


Thomas is a survivor. As a boy, he was left for dead that day, abandoned by his protector. 20 years later, a late-night caller forces Thomas to venture back to the dark places – back to the Isle of Skye. There, shocking truths emerge about his abusive upbringing, leaving Thomas unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.

2021.epubEnglish373 KB

Irina by Philip Warren


Irina’s story begins in what should have been a quiet period in Europe’s turbulent history, but in 1378’s Poznan, Poland, her life turns upside down when her family disowns her because of an unexpected pregnancy by the son of a wealthy Jewish merchant where Irina had been sent to work as a servant.

2021.epubEnglish514 KB

House of Rahilius by A J Ross


The last thing brooding anti-hero Lincoln Wolfe expected was an engagement to the princess. When she is kidnapped by the Kayorian slaver and infamous pirate Rahilius, he sets out on a perilous journey to rescue his bride. Clandestine warrior princess, Braii, has other plans. After years of monotony, she is kidnapped. Misfortune yields surprising benefits though, as she gets her first taste of freedom on Kayora. Freedom from rules.

2021.epubEnglish436 KB

He Wore a Leather Jacket by Brandon Ford


After witnessing a brutal murder, it is Jen Whitney’s positive identification that puts the man responsible behind bars. Though she knows he is in a maximum security prison, Jen cannot stop seeing him. He haunts her daily life. His terrifying vision appears on the sidewalk outside her window, in the stairwell just beyond her apartment door, even in the bathroom mirror as she prepares for bed.

2021.epubEnglish869 KB

Guerrilla of the Niger Delta by Don Veta


A United States Ambassador is kidnapped by a suspected militant group, and the inability of the Nigerian government to negotiate his release promptly calls for the deployment of Delano Martin, one of the best Marines in the US Special Forces division, to assist in the rescue. But upon arrival, Delano is set up for the killing of a young woman by corrupt Nigerian Police officers conspiring with an oil cartel.

2021.epubEnglish362 KB

For the Deepest Love by Mary Anne Mushatt


“After thinking long and hard, I have come to the conclusion that—although it may not be the kind of love my sister and I once had in mind—marrying Mr Darcy would be marrying for a love of the deepest kind.” RECOVERING FROM THEIR PARENTS’ DEATHS, Elizabeth and Jane Bennet have held their family together, leaning on the support of their uncle, Edward Gardiner, to help them survive.

2021.epubEnglish319 KB

Galaxy Run by Joshua James


SHOOT FIRST. GET PAID. SAVE THE GALAXY … 2 OUT OF 3 AIN’T BAD. When deep space bounty hunters Gunn and Salvo chase down a teenager linked to the catastrophic loss of a space station, everything about the job feels off.

2021.epubEnglish558 KB

Flight 3911 by Billy Paul Smith


Brandon Powell casually boarded Flight 3911 bound for Seattle. Minutes after reaching cruising altitude, five Middle Eastern men hijacked the aircraft, killing the two pilots and a flight attendant. The terror of September 11, 2001 was now in full motion.

2021.epubEnglish379 KB

Fear Of Fear by PJ Nakfoor


Vivian Long has suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia for most of her life. She survived a childhood abduction and later, a sexual assault. The catalyst to get help occurs when a panic attack nearly causes a crash with her daughter in the car. After she undergoes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, her reward is a canoe and camping trip with her husband. Vivian has never felt so free, until tragedy strikes—a horrific nightmare come true. Can she survive? And if so, will she spiral so far down that she wishes she hadn’t?

2021.epubEnglish910 KB




Edge Case by M R Forbes


SERIES FINALE! Cassidy learns both the true nature of the world and his place within it. Gaining mastery of his past has unlocked his full potential, and the final fight against the Immortals is about to begin.  But will his next move free humankind… ….or destroy an entire universe?

2021.epubEnglish375 KB

Dreams of Fire by Nathaniel Wayne


Farris has the misfortune of being an elemental: born human but host to barely contained primal energies. He wants what any young person wants—the chance to live his own life. Yet the fiery forces within him make him a danger to those around him and a target for capture and study by the Science Guild.

2021.epubEnglish646 KB

Dream King by Elise Knight


He controls dreams. Now the Dream King wants to claim me as his own. When everyone in the world fell asleep at exactly the same time and woke up a week later, the world believed it was the start of a rampant plague. They didn’t know the half of it.

2021.epubEnglish434 KB

Devils Inc by Lauren Palphreyman


Snarky Angels. Bad boy Omens. Dangerous Demons. And a deal with the Devil. The past twenty-four hours have been pretty weird for pre-law student Rachel Mortimer. She accidentally sold her soul to the Devil. An Angel showed up in her bedroom. And an irritatingly hot Bad Omen has been following her around campus. Now she has to intern at Devils Inc.—Lucifer’s LA based soul trading company.

2020.epubEnglish323 KB

Darkness Stirs by Luke Kramarz


The Jarl’s raiding party was due to return weeks ago. Now, with winter closing in and whispers of a resurgent enemy reaching their Northern stronghold, the son who was left behind has a decision to make. Will Bjorn venture into the unknown to rescue his father? Or will he continue to wallow in the shame of past defeats… That decision is made harder when a messenger washes up on shore.

2021.epubEnglish433 KB

Butcher Of Banshees by Michael W Huard


There are 4 dark souls in the realm. The Wicked Banshees of the North, East, West, and South. Yet, there is only one amazing, brave young woman, who must defeat them. This is her tale! Bodana is a young woman beaten down to nothing.

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Bodhi Rising by Andrew Sweet


Is living better than dying from his chronic disease. Some days, Bodhi wondered… Bodhi Rawls already knows that a normal life is out of the question – his mother fled arrest for grand theft human. And his mother’s best friends are genetically altered clones.

2021.epubEnglish454 KB

Bluebonnets in the Spring by Kristen Collins


Clyde is just a lonely widow cowboy living out his days in peace on his ranch in Texas. Faith is a hybrid reaper on the run from a band of fallen angels. When Faith stumbles onto his land one night injured, she unwittingly pulls Clyde into a manhunt that could change his life forever. Two secrets and one fateful night could change everything for them. Was it destiny that brought them together or will the secrets they harbor be their demise?

2021.epubEnglish380 KB

Blood Indigo by Talulah J. Sullivan


A centuries-long stalemate endures over possession of a sentient world. In one corner, a dwindling cabal of shamans holds onto a desperate defense; in the other, a colony of aliens try to control a bio-engineering experiment run amok. In the middle stands a youth who has been genetically altered to ‘Shape’ the elemental powers. Yet if Tokela claims his power, it will make of him an outcast, a catalyst–and a weapon. The stalemate is about to break…

2021.epubEnglish1 MB

Blood Animus by Kyle McKeon


Mercenary Alex Mercer knows that humanity is change in her pocket. In 2039, ever since she was orphaned on the criminal infested, tropical island of Toppanga, twenty-three-year-old mercenary Alex Mercer searched for the answers to her past. Now she’s presented with a high-risk contract that offers a different payment – information about her parents and her past.

2021.epubEnglish580 KB

Anarchy by Peter Meredith


Having survived what felt like an impossible journey, Maddy Whitmore and Bryce Carter discover that there is no time to rest. Not only is New York still slated for nuclear annihilation, they are hounded by demons more horrible than anything they’ve yet encountered.

2021.epubEnglish472 KB

Beautifully Mine by Tara Lee


I’ll fight for what’s mine. But that’s the thing about monsters, you can only tame them for so long. Bishop I was never meant to be like him. I was never meant to take his place. But the monster lurks inside me, Nobody will stand in my way. She was always meant to be mine. I wanted her to choose me— to choose us.

2021.epubEnglish431 KB

Along the Perimeter by Steven Healt


A caustic fog blankets the Earth. Only the transparent barrier known as the Shield holds it at bay. It is the Amboians—an advanced alien species—and their technology that saved the last remnants of Humanity from the deadly Haze.Cordelia Faucher, a scavenger known as the Haze Walker, has a secret she must keep hidden. 

N/A.epubEnglish426 KB

After Thought by P.A. Crenshaw


What if ordinary people could do extraordinary things by thought alone? What if falling in love could get you killed?

N/A.epubEnglish405 KB

Allure of Oartheca by James Siewert


Meet Rowland Hale: cyber-thief and captain of the Luck of the Draw, except his luck’s just run out. A sure-fire bet backfires and now his crew’s life is on the line as he faces first contact with two warring alien species locked in a death match to the end.

N/A.epubEnglish677 KB

A Good Liar by Amanda Brooke


The new novel from the author of The Widows’ Club. When a fire destroys the Empress Theatre, a devastating tragedy unfolds. Amelia’s mother lost her piece of mind forever when she left her daughter alone for a few life-changing moments.

2021.epubEnglish2 MB
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