Advanced Automotive Engine Performance (Master Automotive Technician)

Advanced Automotive Engine Performance is designed to prepare novice technicians for the challenge of diagnosing today’s highly technical electronic engine controls. Using this curriculum, learners will gain familiarity with the operation and variations of emissions systems and associated onboard monitors. The curriculum especially focuses on applying diagnostic strategy to and performing service procedures for emissions systems faults. Learners will also develop an understanding of IM testing and an ability to interpret IM test reports to aid in diagnosis. This objective-based curriculum will prepare learners for the challenges of servicing engine management systems in the shop today. This is a complete curriculum solution for Advanced Automotive Engine Performance. Online courseware is available and is rich in video and animation to support understanding of complex systems. This solution is available in print-plus-digital, or digital-only offerings, providing eBook and online course pairing with mobile-friendly adaptability. Complete tests, tasksheets, and instructor resources make this curriculum easy to adopt and integrate into any automotive program.

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