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Software development is hard, but creating good software is even harder, especially if your main job is something other than developing software. Engineer Your Software! opens the world of software engineering, weaving engineering techniques and measurement into software development activities. Focusing on architecture and design, Engineer Your Software! claims that no matter how you write software, design and engineering matter and can be applied at any point in the process. Engineer Your Software! provides advice, patterns, design criteria, measures, and techniques that will help you get it right the first time. Engineer Your Software! also provides solutions to many vexing issues that developers run into time and time again. Developed over 40 years of creating large software applications, these lessons are sprinkled with real-world examples from actual software projects. Along the way, the author describes common design principles and design patterns that can make life a lot easier for anyone tasked with writing anything from a simple script to the largest enterprise-scale systems.

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