The Lean Marketing Playbook for SaaS

Want to drive more leads for your software-as-a-service company and don’t know where to start? In this book, learn how to use content offers and marketing automation to convert and nurture more SaaS leads.

Rather than waiting for website visitors to click your “Book a demo” or “Start trial” button, offer them a high-value piece of content to get them on your email list, where you can nurture them along their customer journey.

Jordan Behan has been advising software companies on the subjects of demand generation and content marketing for over seven years as the owner of his marketing agency. Previous to that, he worked as a content marketer for several SaaS businesses ranging from pre-revenue startups to unicorns in the making.

Those years of experience (wins and failures) led him to create the Lean Marketing Playbook for SaaS — a systematic way for early-stage software companies to establish their foundational marketing strategies and messaging.

Learn how marketing and content can assist the sales process by qualifying leads, nurturing them along their journey, and helping to shorten sales cycles.

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